It has been a long time when I refurnished my bedroom and since then have been using it the way it was until last month. Being low on finances I was not able to get an interior decorator work for me and so I started putting my own ideas to work and it really worked for me. Here is a list of things you can do yourself to re-arrange your bedroom decorum.

1)   Cleaning day: Celebrate the annual cleaning day of your bedroom. This is a day when you clear your bedroom of all the unwanted, unrelated things.

My Room - Looks Like I've Got My Work Cut Out ...

These may be a chair/desk you once used and is now useless, a book rack, a rug, toys, DVDs, extra cushions, pillows, lamps etc. Once you have removed the unrelated things you will see your room starts looking better and bigger.

2)   Curtain it up: Curtains add warmth to a room and the first step to re-arranging the room is to invest in new curtains. The best way to curtain the windows is to use two layers of curtains. The one in front should be of heavier material and the one at the back should be a lighter material so that in the day time the heavy curtains can be folded to the sides and the lighter ones can help sunlight enter the room. There is a variety of colors, textures and designs to choose from and so buy the one that fits your budget.

3)   Bed Covers: the entire bedding must be in symmetry. The bed sheet, bed cover, quilt/blanket, pillows and cushions must all look related in color and design and should also fit to the room ambiance. As its summers, floral beddings look good and add freshness to the room

4)   Room Paint: If your room had remained off-white or white throughout you need to get out of the box by adding some different colors, textures, wall papers etc to make the room look more inviting. How about having a single wall bolder and decorating it with paintings and picture frames?

5)   Light it up: Your room should have three light sources as a rule. Two side lamps and a chandelier on the ceiling. The lights should be so placed that you have the dimmer with them so that you can adjust the lights to your liking.

6)   The Side décor: the side tables should be decorated with a table lamp and such things that you like such as a glass ware, a picture frame, candles, mementos from a vacation etc.

These are the few things you can do to rearrange your room. Always remember to keep your room clean and use a nice fragrance in the room in order to make it smell fresh always. Hope this address your question well “how do I rearrange my room”