Perfect men are hard to find and day by day many women claim that it is becoming harder to find a good man. Most of the women even are seem confused to know as to what makes a good man, what are those qualities which are ample for a woman. Well here are then a few qualities which must be equipped by a man if he is to be considered good.

Honesty and trustworthiness: Honesty and trustworthiness are the most important factors of what makes a good man which make him really a good man, as if these two basic qualities lack in a man he cannot be considered a good man at all.

Keeps his words: The next trait of a good man is that he never breaks his promises and thus always keeps his words. This means that the good man will never break his promise and thus disappoint anyone.

What makes a good man


Spends Quality Time: A good man will always emphasize to spend quality time with his loved ones and family, which depicts his inner feelings of care for all the relationships he carries along.

A good listener: A good man is always a good listener which means that he is considerate enough to listen to others to know about their opinions and give them the required attention.

Element of respect: A good man always has within himself ample space for respecting others, in all the aspects of his personality; it encompasses all the ways how he speaks to others and greet others.

Acceptance of Others: A good man always accepts the other people the way they are, he never tries or compels them to change as per his desire or moods. He rather accommodates every individual in the way they carry themselves.

Good at heart: A good man has a good and warm heart. As some men are callous, some are selfish; they do not care about anything even if their loved ones are hurt or crying it does not matter to them. A good man on the other hand cares and feels for others sorrows and tries to make them feel good, share their worries. A man who is good at heart will definitely respect and care for emotions and perspectives about life of his loved ones. A good man with a good heart thus respects his parents, neighbors and respects the woman he wants to spend his life with.

Calmness and Courage: A man is always calm from the inside but at the same time courageous enough to face the gravest of circumstances. He stands firm and never runs out and remain committed to relationships, owns the initiative to take big decisions and thus stand firm upon them.