Numerous new explorations in the world have already amazed the humans. And as the researches tend to go deeper so becomes the horizon of the mystery vast enough to blow the human mind. So, when it’s the pillow time and quietness along with the night descends into our minds, and our eyes get closed, the body sleeps, but a new world of imagination awakens the world of dreams. Let’s dive into the world of crazy facts and learn about the breathtaking facts about dreams.

Pugnacious Dreams: Pugnacious dreams can be referred to as cautionary dreams. Often termed as rare sleep disorders pushing the dreamer to act violently in the dream, such as thrashing and screaming which can be initial signs of brain malfunction and might be signaling Parkinson’s disease. Research has revealed that the embryonic stages of these disorders might start initiating decades even before the start of the actual disease, before it reveals itself to the individual or the doctor.

Nightmares: Nightmares are another form of dreams the occurrence of which during a sleep is due to a stress hormone known as Cortisol, which sparks in the morning just before an individual is waking up. That is the time when the individual is more prone to the dreams; hence the Cortisol activity gives rise to intense dreams or nightmares, in which the imagination in dream capability of the humans is at its maximum.

What men dream about: One of the interesting facts about dreams is that men mostly dream about sex. Researchers believe that in the wake hours even men dream about sex. Hence for men it is not important to have any relevant cause to dream about sex. On the other hand women are prone to nightmares than men as assessed by psychologist. Therefore women’s nightmares as per the psychologists can be categorized into following

•  Fearful dreams which envisage threatened life or being chased feeling

Dreams pertaining to the loved ones

•  Confused dreams

Can humans control their dreams? It is a question the answer of which is sought by everyone these days that can the humans control their dreams. As few psychologists believe that if lucid dreaming is desired by the humans then enhanced exposure to video gaming is advised as both are the alternate realities and the brain is exposed more to exercise the power of imagination. As gamers exercise their mind powers in controlling the environment in their game, hence the psychologists believe that people who are more into gaming can have more lucid dreams than non gamers.