Aging process

Aging process, can it be reversed or can it be slowed down to lowest possible level? The ever increasing tribes of the business men, scientists, investors and entrepreneurs are struggling hard in the quest to get a cure for the viral diseases, numerous kinds of cancers and last, but not the least, the ultimate and the finale ailment, the living beings cannot deny death.

Prevention of Physical Deterioration

Aging is a lofty idea, as what if “getting old” was not really “getting old?” What if aging, at least the physical deteriorations that are coupled are something that can be prevented? This thought process has instigated an effort that biotech amateurs, scientists and successful investors are now going to tackle.

Escaping Death with Right Investments

One distinctive facebook investor and PayPal founder who paid a few kids to drop out of college and start companies, was the subject of a recent profile in The New Yorker was examined with his belief that with the right investments, he might be able to escape death. The said investor’s name is Pater Thiele, who along with his partners in 2010 invested $500,000 in Halcyon Molecular, a biotech startup whose founder has a dream to create a world free from cancer and aging.

Aging can be Worked Out

One of the founders of iGoogle team at Google, Singerman is adamant that aging is a problem that can be worked out. Fourteen health and biotech companies have been tasked, who are interested in getting rid of life’s eventual issue i-e death. One company is hired for curing all viral diseases. Another company is hired for curing several types of cancers. The aim is not to pursue the incremental approaches but it is considered fine and good to have a drug that extends life by a certain amount of months or makes living with disease easier, hence absolute cures of the incurable is the ultimate aim.

Lust for Immortality

Singerman is not alone in his lust for immortality. Gregory Bonafiglio from Proteus Venture partners claims that regenerative medicines have a profound impact in the market. Aging is referred to as by them as a process that involves significant deterioration of all organ systems. Whether Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s all of these are attributed to the aging process. Naturally aging of the population itself is the force that is driving the market in the field.

The Benefits of the Miracle

People who are putting their thick and thin in the contemplating immortality believe that they can achieve the benefits of the miracles in their lifetimes and the worse that may happen to them is that some health years will be added to their lives might make small fortunes in the process.