What Really is Dating?

The term “dating” was recognized somewhere in the start of the last century, a century old revelation but has been existing silently in one form or the other since the existence of mankind on earth. Dating can be defined as an intimate relationship between two people, may it be sexual, serious or casual, short term or long term, and what happens in future is not binding on any of the partners in dating.


Courtship or engagement was a more decent mode of communication before marriage between the individuals involved, that too mostly encompassing the consent of the parents or guardians. The inherent benefits of the courtship was that in majority of the cases it was bound to end in eventual eternal form of divine relationship known as marriage .

Evolution of Dating into Complex relationships

With the evolution of dating and its complex concepts, the way the people use to have and experience relations has changed a lot. Dating is practiced by almost everyone now. The obligatory traditional binding of elders has now been broken loose, the generations after generations are now getting themselves into very complex relationships at an age where they are themselves not actually able to handle the relationships, and all starts with a simple term “Dating” but at the end of tunnel in most of the cases lies, broken hearts, lifelong distractions, soul scars. Only very few and the lucky ones escape the quagmire of trodden relationships, as a result of experiencing the mysterious and alluring journey of dating and relationships.

Teen and Dating Relationships – The Real Disadvantage

Dating is no doubt a fatal attraction, as it is fatal for the individual’s life as he or she knew life before the start of dating. The actual problem does not lie in dating itself. The problem is with the age, the teens and dating relationships, in which the individuals seek and start dating. An age in which it is not possible for any individual to understand the pros and cons of intense, deep and possessive relationships and dating which though strong in one way are also delicate like a thread and may fall prey to numerous factors which individuals in a teen age fail to handle appropriately. Amazingly though teens form the biggest community involved in dating, men and women of almost all the age groups are found experiencing dating.

A young woman and man embracing while outdoors.

A young woman and man embracing while outdoors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

False Self Projections Add Fuel to the Fire

It is very pertinent to mention, that the individuals do not pretend to be what they really are, rather try to be what they are not, projecting a fault impression, thus committing very first and basic misunderstanding which leads the relationship, being a follow up conception of modern dating to a disaster from the very start.

Essential Milestones in Relationships

When a true relationship is recognized as a result of dating there are few milestones which must be achieved and are as follows

The foundation is the honesty and one needs to be honest always in a relationship which is beneficial for both the individuals in a relationship and the relationship itself.

Trust is another significant factor, the lack of which is always the reason for initiation of minor cracks in relationships leading to breakups.

Communication is another important factor in a relationship, feelings should never remain hidden, and these should be expressed often.

Commitment is the most binding factor in a relationship, the sense of commitment thus is to stay in the thick and thin of time and circumstances together.