Every season we are bombarded with several new fashion trends to choose from and we hastily start adopting everything and anything that comes our way and suits our pockets. However, it is extremely essential for us to be able to know what suits us and what makes us look horrible and then skim the fashion trends accordingly.

Here is a quick help guide that will show you some good trends to adopt this season and some fashion trends that should be ignored completely.

1) Paint it Red: Red is a universal color that has a variety of shades to suit any complexion. Being an emblem for beauty this color should be taken as a part of your look. Using a red bag, shoes, nail polish, lip color, eye-shadow or other accessories will not only brighten your day but will also make you look glamorous and in vogue.


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2) Hair-do: As the weather heats from spring to summers leaving those long hair strands open gives a horrifying feeling to you and to the audience as well. This season hair fashion trends include fishtail braids that can be experimented in any way that suits you well. Do try to experiment different hairstyles for different occasions. It’s good to look different and trendy.

3) Bang the hair on that forehead: Bangs have gone to all borders across the globe. The season’s fashion trends include bangs on the forehead. No matter you have a high or normal forehead shape, bangs if cut properly, looks good to everyone.

4) Have the “we are not animals” look in your wardrobe: Do not use a lot of animal prints this season rather keep it simple and elegant. Fashion trends this season include bold and beautiful colors and simple prints and textures in clothing

5) Add glamour: fashion trends this year are all about adding glamour to your personality. Although risky but it’s not forbidden to try new looks on yourself. If you have not been using bold eye-shades than this season wants you to do it, as bold colors are “in” these days. Glamorize those eyes with bold sexier looking colors or even neon colors and blend them well with your image. If going out in the mornings or afternoons pick a pair of those big framed sun glasses that are in trend these days and add life to your personality.

6) Back to the olden days: If you are not too fashion savvy and want it to be simple and sweet always then you should try out something from the attic wardrobes like a vintage classic top with a pair of hot looking ripped jeans, a bold make up and fishtail braid. If you are fond of vintage stuff than use it in a trendy way.

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