Whether short and simple or long and maintained, nails can make your hands and feet stunningly beautiful or shockingly ugly. That’s one of the reasons women spend hours in parlours for making their nails look beautiful and to add value to their hands and feet.

This is a season for vibrant colours and dress designers are launching their line of products with a variety of bold colored prints and styles so why not add the same glamour to our nails and add value to your latest designer wear. Here is a quick guide to vibrant nail polish trends, which will match with most of the outfits in our wardrobes and which are “in” for this season:

1) Pinks: Pink is a soft color that is available in many different variations of light pink, shocking pink, fuchsia, bubblegum pink, tea pink etc. Pink being a feminine colour will always add brightness to your nails and hands and is such a neutral type of shade that usually works well with most outfits. Make it a darker bolder pink for a nightwear and a lighter softer pink for the day at the office.

Nail Polish Trends


2) Red: Red is the most talked about color this season. Where clothes or accessories a shade of red is a must to give a complete look to anything you wear. Red is available in a lot of sizzling shades and you can match the one that suits you well. Wearing a red nail color brings glamour to your look so be it a day or a night Red makes it all sizzling bright.

3) Orange: An orange shaded day keeps the heat away. Orange is a heat tenderizing color that not only melts the heat away but also brings coolness to your look. Orange nails can work with all forms of orangish, yellowish and reddish outfits. It’s a bold yet soft color which is a trendy color to look forward to for this season.

4) Green: Different shades of green are in vogue these days. People are making their eyes shimmery green to add a sizzle to their face make-up. Neon green shades bring boldness to any dull color you are wearing. Be it a day or night neon green can give the look a sparkling effect.

5) Yellow: Brighten your day with a yellow nail color as not only will it look stunning to the eyes but will add boldness to your personality.

These are some nail colors that are a must have this season. But remember that in order to get the best look from these colors you need to invest in good quality manicures so that your nails are clean and maintained as coloured nails always look good when in proper shape and size. You can buy any brand of nail color that suits your wallet but I recommend if you are really concious about trying nail trends perfectly,  you should use products that are being popularly sold in your markets and which are famous.