Fiji - The Hidden Paradise

Immaculate white sand of the beach getting between your toes, the touch of warm and comfy sea breezes, which are also heard as they whispers through the palm trees standing around, the ambience filled with the fragrance of the tropical flowers mesmerizing the overall atmosphere, smooth, soothing and remote music of drums and sweet singing sounds, marvelous sunsets which dwell into the souls their soothing effect, amalgamated with cool sunrises encompassing the blue waters and the blue sky, so heavenly and so romantic are the Fiji island.

Heaven for Honeymoon

Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean and is the hotly desired place for the newlywed honeymooners, almost from all around the world. Numerous luxurious spas and massage parlors welcome the tourists, once they land on the charismatic island. The attractive water sports facilities are also

About Fiji for Vacations


available to give a sport touch to the Fiji island experience. Dedicated and luxurious state of the art honey moon suits encompassing fusion of the modern and traditional architecture enhance the living comfort at Fiji.

Hence when you are looking for a magical destination and luxury vacation spots especially for your honey moon trip and you desire to travel to a magical destination where time seems to stop, and life gets a smooth rhythm, definitely the name which comes to mind is the republic of Fiji islands. Whatever your occasion or celebration is whether a romantic honeymoon trip, wedding at the beachside, renewal of vows or wish to get the experience of a life time, the dreams are transformed best into reality at Fiji islands.

Fiji People

Fiji, emblem of palm trees, charismatic blue waters, white sand beaches, and luxurious resorts and most of all the people of the region reflecting diverse and inspiring cultures. The warmth of an amazingly friendly culture embraces the heart and soul and fills with the love and hospitality by Fijians.The Fijians are unique as their inquisitive nature, generous personalities and friendly nature definitely touch your heart deeply. Fiji honeymoon’s encompasses exciting adventures, relaxing peaceful honeymoon retreats, candlelit dinners, long strolls on white sand beaches, tropical drinks at sunset and many more.

Tourism at Fiji

Fiji tourism offers a significant amount of enjoyment especially in Nadi and Denarau islands and comprises many soft coral reefs where a common tourist attraction is scuba diving. It is very amazing to know to Fiji has a total area of 194,000 square kilometers but only 10% is island, and the remaining is the charismatic blue waters of the South Pacific.

Fiji Resorts

Fiji resorts are thus without any doubt the best ones for romance, honeymoons, weddings, family vacations envisaging unpolluted, untouched and pure ocean environments in very cost effective packages.