Winter has gone now, and the springs is in the air spread with flowers and fragrances all around us, the season is witnessing a change transforming from the winters to summers through a limited but lively season of spring. Hence as the summers are approaching also the summer trends are getting the hype and thus becoming the desire of every woman to become the pioneers of the summer trends before anyone else gets the hands on them.

Women are getting crazy to know about the latest summer trends to fill their cupboards with, own them, cherish them for other to envy. One of the most vital aspects of these summer trends are the summer women fragrances, which every women desires to wear to give a fresher appearance. Thus women fragrances are as follows

Pretty: Pretty is one of the leading names by Elizabeth Arden, which has definitely lived up to its name. The sweet fragrance instigates the thoughts of the sophisticated garden gatherings, incorporating Italian mandarin, pink jelly and starry jasmine.

Best Women Fragrances


Cool summers: Davidoff Cool Water has presented the cool summers; the new fragrance has the splash of passion fruit and sea breeze thus encompassing a sporty and aquatic kick.

Fresh Blossom: DKNY fresh Blossom envisages the very gorgeous and feminine delicacy, which incorporates the sparkling, grapefruit, jasmine and sun kissed apricot

Summertime: Summertime has been introduced by the very hot Kate Moss thus capturing the essence of vintage of the seventies with the amalgamation of muskier and seductive summer fragrance intermingling bellflower, blackberry and peony.

Daisy EDP: Daisy EDP introduced by Mark Jacobs is another summer fragrance for women which envisages the rich and slightly spicy scent, thus envisaging the amalgamation of musk, violet, vanilla and strawberry.

Glow: Glow has been introduced by JLo which envisages the utterly tropical, floral and sparkling scent which is further laced with the orange blossoms, passion flowers and water lilies. The summer’s women fragrance, which is the most desired.

Armani Code summer Pour Femme: Armani has revealed another women fragrance for summers which envisages the frosted pear sorbet, sparkling ginger and orange blossom infused with fresh vanilla produce the very unusual aroma encompassing elegance.

CKIN2U: CKIN2U Heat is another mesmerizing citrusy, light women fragrances encompasses tones of blood orange and ginger thus giving out very exotic new scent.

CK One Summer: One summer by CK is another cheerful twist which incorporates the zingy combination of cucumber, mint, lime and apple which gives out deliciously crisp, original and cool scent thus offering a light boost.

All these women fragrances are easily available at local perfume stores as well as at online stores like, etc

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