The only essence of life which becomes the eventual inspiration is health and colors embedded in nature are the aspect which adds to the eternal joy of mankind. As water and the food are essential for a healthy life so are the inspiring colors which add value to the human life itself. Hence the human’s life becomes more enjoyable with fine clothing and accessories and as the varying seasons witness the varying range of fashionable accessories which enhance the human personality and make it dignified among the others.

The year 2012 thus brings the latest fashion trends encompassing latest fashion accessories for men giving a more dominant and versatile look to men as compared to women, a few seductive and most desired items are described as follows

Monaco Sixty Ninety Watch


If the men want to draw more attention to their wrists in the times to come then the Monaco Sixty Nine wrist watches equipped with an idiosyncratic brushed and polished steel casing featuring sleek and geometric patterns amalgamated with elegant styling are the mainstream item in the latest fashion accessories for men. The watch is easily available at, and other local and online stores.

Tie Bar

Tie bars are another distinctive feature promoting more seductive men’s fashion in the current year. The leading name this year in the category of tie bars, desired by men is Dunhill. Dunhill has offered very simple but possessing classic looks, tie bars which have been generated from sterling silver and bear an elegant engraved trademark.

Titanium Ring

Metal has been an obsession for both men and women both and now much costlier item on earth is being desired by men in the year 2012, which is nothing else but Titanium. Titanium rings have expanded the list of latest fashion accessories. The famous titanium rings own powerful futuristic looks, and are glossy.

Men’s Bags

John Varvatos bags are becoming the talk of the town these days, especially the dark brown antiqued messenger bags which encompass contrast stitching, spacious from the interior sides having large zip up interior pockets and magnificent front buckles making it one of the most wanted latest fashion accessories for men.

Hence men can make a great impression upon others and own a dominant appearance by choosing the right type of accessories at the right time for the right occasion and this is what matters the most.

Cufflinkslatest cufflinks

Another accessory offering men the prime dominance over women and among other men in the year 2012 are the seductive stainless steel enameled cuff links, which definitely enhance and uplift the men’s personality.