We all are creative. We have tons of ideas for interior decoration, renovation in our homes, lawns, workplace, storytelling and writing and creating song lyrics of our own and everyone has a sense and the urge to do something different or something better than others. In the times of cavemen too, there was an existence of creativity which is shown in the revealed cave wall drawings and patterns. This is an example of the human mind’s urge to be different and known.

What Does it Mean to be Creative?

What is creativity? Well , as a general perception, being creative means to do something with the pen or brush or with your hand that brings home a huge amount of profits. In a broader spectrum a craft is said to have two forms, one is of a commercial nature related to drawing, painting, writing, dance while the other is related to practicality of life that is related to the daily life activities like sorting out issues in a positive manner, the art of delegation or innovations in the regular work routines etc. Creativity at work is not just a job working on an assembly line of building cars but is an artwhat is creativity that comes from within us.

Benefits of Being Creative

The reasons to why a human being is so compelled to create are endless. However it’s important to know that the urge to create and express comes from within the soul from a place of desire and not a place of agendas. Being creative not only makes us rich or popular but also makes us healthier. Creative people are active socially as well as mentally. We can use our creativity in thinking, decision making and problem solving and be successful.

It’s good to be creative as when we create something we develop a sense of trust and confidence in ourselves and this self confidence helps us love ourselves for what we are and also aids us when we make decisions related to any other area of our lives. So, keep on creating and expressing, as it’s a healthy exercise of mind and body.