Women often dress to look smart and attractive to others’ eyes. They judge more about their looks by comments of others rather by their own supposition.  Women feel happy when someone appreciates their clothing or make-up or accessories. In order to be praised they spend hours on deciding what color clothing to wear, what accessories to use, what shoes to wear for the occasions and the list of questions is just unending. So here with my years of experience,  I am going to help you with the colors that will make you look smart, attractive and appreciative by all.

As a general rule, the hunt for the perfect outfit continues forever for a women and the most important reason is that our wardrobes lack the kind of outfits that will complement our body shape to make us look stunning. So stop trying out the entire wardrobe and creating a pile of clothes on

Clothe Colours That Suit


the bed trying to analyze what suits you best.

Here are some misdoings we do:

When we shop for outfits we are usually attracted by the colors and patterns of the fabric and purchase something only because you like it and not because it will look good on you.

•  We lack the analysis of how our bodies are shaped rather run after outfits others are purchasing and looking good with them.

We pick those colors that are there in fashion and are being worn by many around rather than those that will look good on us. Red is in fashion so I purchase it but red may look horrible on me but I don’t think about that.

This article is focused at colors. Colors are most important when choosing the right outfit for you as they help you to enhance those areas of your body that are more attractive and hide those areas that make you look fat or ugly.

Here are some helpful tips while choosing colors:

•  Women who are heavier on the top should try to draw the eye to the abdominal parts of their bodies and so wearing a lighter or softer color on top and a bolder color from the waist down is an option to consider.

Similarly those women who are broader on the hips may wear bolder colors or a splash of colors and patterns on top so that the eyes focus the top of your body and darker colors below the waist.

Women who are sleek and thin throughout can add different dimensions by wearing loose, open outfits, bigger patterns, horizontal lines and patterns in order to look good and not too sleek.

•  For those of us, who are broad throughout should avoid bigger prints & bold patterns rather wear single colors all over with a focal point like a single color pattern with a motif or a pattern at a single place so that the eye draws only on the motif area or else you can wear vertical lines binding close together.

This color game is easier for the perfect figured women. Wear anything you like but a women’s beauty enhances with simple cuts and perfect colors that suit their complexions.

Wear and clothe colors that suit you so that you look beautiful and striking. So think about these abovementioned tips and experiment them as well, as unless we experiment our ideas we women never get satisfied. So get ready to glamorize and charm the world.