A women’s beauty is always judged by the size, shape, body structure and height and in order to be perfect, every women in this world spends time and money on diet products, exercise and consultations. However in reality what matters the most is your confident and intelligence along with the look you carry. Women who are short heighted are usually overlooked because of their heights and no matter how confident, how pretty they are, the taller women are more admired.

I being a short heighted person myself believe that good things come in small packages only and if we follow a few intelligent steps we short heighted people can conquer minds of all. Here are some helpful tips that I have worked out for myself:

  • Never slouch. Practice standing straight and upright and this posture makes you look trimmer and aligns your body in symmetry.

  • Try to keep the pelvic area tucked in as this will automatically scoop your belly in.

  • Walk straight as this technique always gives your face a glowing look, and lift the face as when your chin is upright you are able to look at the world with confidence and the brain works actively. 

  • Now when choosing clothes for yourself wear only vertical stripes as they make you look slimmer and taller. Also refrain from wearing too short or
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    too long dresses as they will decrease your height in the eyes and finally wear three quarter sleeves as this gives an impression of your arms and upper body being longer. 

  • Now when you sit anywhere keep your back straight and don’t lean or slouch in a relaxed pose. If working on a PC keep the keyboard easily accessible as slumming over the desk is harmful and may cause back aches.

  • Finally the shoes dilemma. Wearing heels will make you look taller, smarter and gives you a confident walk. Choose wedge heels as they are more comfortable then pencil heels and work well with both eastern and western dresses.

Always remember there are a lot of celebrities that are short heighted but the way they dress up and carry themselves add glamour to them like Nicle Richie, Kristen Bell and Juggan Kazim. Always remain confident and remember good things come in small packages