Tea remains a common item on the breakfast, lunch and dinner tables of our households. There are various methods of tea making used today but the best one that gives you most out of this hot drink is not known by many.  In this article I will describe the best way of making tea so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Old and Modern Team Making Techniques

Going back to the historical value of tea we see a very different tea making technique. The modern tea is processed to be sold in tea bags and requires as average infusion whereas the ancient tea used to come open in packets and required an infusion of at least 5 minutes. It was then served in cups washed in hot water, with milk and sugar placed neatly on the serving tray and a kettle covered with a tea cozy. On the other side our tea today consists of a tea bag in hot water with tea whitener and sugar sachets. As life has become easier with product innovations we do not think about the healthy side rather just do what everyone else does. So here is a little guide to make your tea full of healthy benefits and not just the daily tea.

The Best Method of Making Tea – Get Most Out of It!

A loyal tea drinker will always want a tasty cup of hot tea. This person will take out enough time for enjoying tea and will want to relax while

How to make tea


consuming his tea. If you are such a tea drinker then you should use a teapot with a grate at the bottom of the spout, and whole milk to change your tea into a tasty healthy drink. The most important part of tea making is brewing correctly, and the other things you should follow for making the best tea, follow this:

Use freshly drawn boiled water and do not reboil the water

Use the right size of the teapot. Not too big or too small for the tea you are putting in.

Heat the teapot by pouring some of the boiling water and then rinse away.

Use the best quality of tea available in your country.

Put one spoonful of tea for one person (for 250 ml of tea) in the pot.

Fill the pot with water and stir gently for a few seconds.

Cover the lid and leave for 5 minutes to infuse.  brew

Use whole milk to make tea

Pour about 1.5 tablespoon of whole milk in the cup first then with the help of a strainer pour tea into the cup

Add sugar, sit back and enjoy.

Once finished rinse away the extra tea left at the bottom of the cup and then help yourself to the second pouring and keep the kettle covered with the tea cozy so that your tea remains warm for long.  If the tea in the kettle is left unused for more than an hour, discard it and make new tea. So, relax with that perfect cup of tea, just for you!