Introduction to Chopsticks

In certain parts of the world, knife, fork & spoon are mandatory cutlery pieces for eating while in other parts chopsticks symbolizes a culture of ancient as well as modern eating experience. Not all but many Asian food lovers are well aware of chopsticks and their uses too. Consisting of a set of two tapered sticks, chopsticks are the main cutlery item for eating in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

A chopstick is an English word used instead of the original word Kuaizi. It is a  Mandarin language word meaning “quick little fellows.” The word chopstick first appeared during the late 17th century.

What are Chopsticks


Inspite of being invented in China, the use of chopsticks spread worldwide especially to Japan, Korea and Vietnam. In ancient China, Chinese used to break sticks and twigs off trees, which later evolved in to the chopsticks that we know today. Japanese used the same chopsticks but theirs look more like tweezers. They were made of one piece of bamboo joined at the top. Initially they were considered precious in Japan and used only in religious ceremonies but are now accepted globally, for almost all kind of occasions.

How Chopsticks are Made and Used

Nowadays we find a variety of chopsticks, which are often lacquered and made of combination of exquisite hardwood. They also come adorned with beautiful calligraphy. They can have round or square ends with tips either sharp or dull.

Chopsticks are versatile; they can be used to grip, tear apart, pull, whisk, and stir and handling them is an art.

Being a remarkable invention by the Chinese, using a chopstick to eat is a fun filled experience in itself.