Retirement can come as a peaceful vacation time or as the worst nightmare and it solely depends on the retiree what he/she wants from the retired life. Generally, the moment we graduate and get hooked to a job, our lives begin to change from a carefree to a competitive, pressured state leaving very little or no time for recreations and hobbies. It’s recommended to treat retirement as the most exciting time of life. The key is to stay busy and active.

An active retired life is one that has an aim and the will to learn new things. The new things should be entertaining, relaxing and fun to do. The Aim of these activities should be enjoyment, relaxation and recreation. Other than this, retired people need to have social setups where they meet their friends, spend time with them and enjoy. A retired person without social connections will feel isolated and depressed at some point in time which will damage the physical as well as mental health. Read further to find some of the best retirement activities that can help make the retirement age worthwhile.

1) Around the world in 80 days: Travel is the most loved activity of retired people but it’s beneficial for only those who have no liabilities and loan repayments. Therefore, the easiest, economical travel can be long drives, beach walks, cycling to the country side etc, weekend camping, picnics etc. These activities can include family and friends or even alone.

2) Homeward Bound: People who have spent their work lives away from the family or have been too busy to cater to the emotional family needs can spend their retired lives living for their family. Taking care of the family needs, communicating, helping with the household, taking care of grand children, playing can all add happiness to the retired life and make the day pass actively.

3) Kingdom of Dreams: Every human being has a kingdom of dreams that include several things, hobbies, passions that he wants to work at and different stages of life put an end to most of the hobbies and passions. Retirement is the best time to rejuvenate that kingdom. Volunteering for the community work, awareness campaigns etc can be very good dreams to put to action.

4) Learning Activities: It’s never too late to study. Learning a new skill or indulging into a new professional or technical course is another excellent retirement activity. It will not only be an added qualification but will also pave ways to new opportunities to pursue.

5) Teaching and Training activities: Its an excellent opportunity for retired persons to indulge into a training or a teaching activity. Sharing the professional experience, teaching certain technical or professional skills to a group of people can not only be an enjoyment but also an activity that will help the society at large.

6) Reading: Books are the best companion for everyone. Reading books is an activity that should be practiced in all stages of life. For a retired person a good book can be the best companion to have. A good book will never let one get bored.

7) Writing: Writing is such a vast field that anyone can enter it at any age. Retired people can write professional experiences in the form of a book, a column, an article or even a letter. They can even write their life histories, biographies, stories or anything.

8) Exploration: when a person is young and is performing well in his life he usually doesn’t get the time to sit down and explore his inner self. Retirement is the best time to do this activity. Indulgence into positive activities never done before like cycling, gardening, singing, playing guitar or a piano, cooking, baking etc can not only add enjoyment to the retired life but also help in increasing the self confidence of an individual.

Panicking or feeling bored and lonely when one is no longer connected to the industry can turn into serious consequences like mental illnesses, health problems associated to the lethargic routine and sleep disorders. Retirement is an inevitable end to a job, therefore it is necessary to consider it as real and plan it smartly. An active retirement plan will surely add to personal as well as family life of a person. Happy Retirement!