Learn How to Save Fuel: Tips for Every Driver

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After buying a brand new vehicle, its major expense is of fuel, which can be gas, petrol or LPG etc. We are always concerned to save fuel of our car. As fuel prices are increasing, it will be an art that how car owners mange their fuel requirements, without disturbing their budget and travel routines. The following tips will help you save car fuel and increase fuel economy.

Avoid over speeding:

Speed above to certain limit can increase fuel consumption exponentially. Moreover, over speeding is negatively linked with gas burning up. You can verify the fact that fuel consumption is less when you are driving your car with medium speed like 60-70 kms/hour, as compared to high speeds.. Hence for smart car fuel economy avoid rash drives, useless racing or simply over-speeding.

Check and maintain tire pressure:

With the time, tires lose air pressure and sturdiness.  Old tires have more rolling resistance; this leads to more fuel consumption. Make all tires of your car checked by accurate gauge regularly. Continuous running of car also heats up the tires. You can also overcome this thing by using tube-less tires but with these tires it does not mean these do not require tire pressure checks.

Don’t use unnecessary accessories:

If you have equipped your car with some extra accessories, AC can be an example; fuel burning will then be greater. This can be major issue for small cars. Therefore, for good car fuel economy additional facilities and extra load should be avoided.

Changing shifts:

Changing gears again and again will tend to vary RPMs (Resolution per minute) which automatically use more fuel. Maintaining car speed is best tool to save care fuel efficiently and effectively.

Cheap fuel and filling stations:

In under developed courtiers you would observe large variation in petrol quality from one filling station to other. Impure petrol is dangerous for your vehicle as well as it can increase fuel consumption as well. Always refill the fuel by well known filling station. You must be satisfies about quality of petrol. Cheap fuel will definitely be of poor quality. Be careful! It’s the matter of your convenience.

Check air filter:

Unclean air filter halts flow of air into the engine. It is quite easy to check how old and dirty air filter is. Simple remove the filter and place in sunlight if light is not passing through it, you need to change it .A dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine, which harms performance and economy. Dirty filters damage environment too.


Car care fuel economy is totally an art. If you are good at it, you would enjoy all your drives with little regard to inflating fuel prices.

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