Top 10 Largest Airplanes by Passenger Capacity

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List of Largest Airplanes

Are you into airplanes? Are you a frequent traveler or you just like to learn about airplanes? Then, read on and learn about the top 10 largest airplanes by their seating capacity.

1. Airbus A380

This is the world’s largest commercial aircraft. It comes in two different versions – one can accommodate 853 passengers and the other can house 644 passengers. Learn more about Airbus A380 in 15 interesting facts about A380

2. Boeing 747-8

This comes 2nd in the list of largest commercial aircrafts in the world. It can accommodate 410 passenger. Although it is a much smaller aircraft than A380, almost half quantity of the A380 have been built so far.

3. Boeing 747-400

This aircraft can accommodate 624 passengers in one version of the aircraft, and 524 in the other version.

4. Boeing 777-300

This aircraft has 550 seats in one type of it and 451 seats in the other one.

5. A340-600

This aircraft has capacity to accommodate 326 passengers and 475 passengers in the other model.

6. Boeing 777-200

This aircraft has 440 seats in one of is two models and 400 seats in the other one.

7. Airbus A350-900

Airbus A350 is one of the new models by Airbus. A350-900 has capacity to accommodate 325 passengers in one model and 440 in the other one.

8. Airbus A340-500

This aircraft can carry 372 passengers and its other model has seats to carry 313 passengers.

9. Airbus A333-300

This airplane can carry 277 passengers and its other model can carry 440 passengers.

10. Airbus A340-300

The last on the list of largest airplanes by passenger capacity is A333-300.This aircraft can carry 267 passengers and its other model can carry 295.

As you can see that even the last one in the list of largest aircrafts by seating capacity can carry a huge number of passengers (295). Imaging how big the A380 is, which carries 853 passengers! It would definitely be a great experience boarding this plane and even the others that are mentioned in the list. Traveling in airplane, especially if it is huge, spacious is very joyful.

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