Facebook has taken over the world and every single person is found on the social network. One might suspect what would be the future of Facebook. Let’s first see how Facebook has performed for all these years of its existence, and whether Facebook is going to live in the coming years?

The Early Years of Facebook

Launched in 2004, the network had local success. After some time, it was globalized and it was turned into serious business. The number of subscriptions was medium till 2008 but after that the graph of Facebook popularity has been soaring high. The growth has been exponential from 2008 till date.

The Amazing Power of Sharing

Facebook has proven to be the best medium of interaction. The power of sharing and creating groups is something that makes it utterly unique and none of the other popular social networks provide the users with the opportunity of creating such comprehensive and effective groups. Now, even when new social platforms are introduced, people don’t really think of migrating to a new site as they have already established themselves and matured with Facebook. Moving to a new social media is just like moving out from a family home and into a totally alien place; nobody wants that!

The Ever Changing Network

Facebook has never been stagnant. It has evolved each day and new ideas and layouts are always being created. This is the biggest reason due to which people never get bored of it and are always interested in experiencing the new ways that Facebook offers. The text based chat, video chat, email, timeline, graph search; everything has been added to the design of the social network eventually. This innovation makes it lively. The team of Facebook puts a special focus on creating new ways of interaction. This will keep on happening, the platform will keep on evolving and it will never lose its users.

Facebook will Live!

Facebook has been one of the most dramatic phenomenons of the turn of century. It has turned into a multi billion dollar online business. Mark Zuckerberg is going to do everything in his power to save his asset from any possible threat. Facebook is going to live!

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