Top 5 Advantages of Twitter

Find here top advantages of Twitter:

Easy to Use

Unlike Facebook or other similar networking sites, Twitter is easier to use. When writing a message (tweet) you do not need to think of also mentioning your location, your current feeling. Furthermore, you also don't have to worry about which video, or photo you should also post with your message. You just write a text-based message, up to 140 characters and post it!

Clear & to-the-point Messages

Since a Twitter tweet only carries a text and that it can be 14-characters long only, the tweet writers tend to write a brief, to-the-point message for its audience. Resultantly, it saves one's time to read frequent tweets of the one who you are following. The text-based and short-length tweet also helps filtering out irrelevant message posting, which helps in sending solid and clear messages to the audience.

Massive Audience

Twitter has over 285 million monthly users. Though your tweet may not reach all of them, even a fraction of it who will get it may be valuable for you.

Easy Following

You can follow a person, group, business, a service or a product on Twitter, and get regular updates about it as it is posted. Besides, it is also possible to follow a certain hashtag or a topic.

Cheaper Ads on Twitter

Businesses can advertise their products and services on the Twitter website. Furthermore, posting ads on the Twitter website is comparatively cheaper than posting ads on Facebook or Linkedin.

In final words about advantages of Twitter, Twitter is good for news, trends, updates by a person or brand, and it is quick and easy to use, either on a mobile phone, tablet or a computer by teens and elders alike. If you are an individual who wants to convey your message to the world or a business owner, Twitter has many benefits that you get.

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