The Late Facebook User Accounts

Facebook has over 1 billion users. It is the largest online social media and one of the biggest databases of information. Everyday new people join in and the growth graph is ascending. But what happens of the Facebook users who have left the world altogether? What becomes of their Facebook accounts? You must have thought of that when somebody you know passed away!

Facebook Profiles of the Deceased

Facebook has more than 30 million profiles of deceased users. Their profiles are as alive as if the users still exist. Many times, the profile of the user is flooded with obituaries and notes of remembrance. If you think of it, the social media profile is a documentation of a person's life. It chronicles events of great importance and it even celebrates small wonders of life. Some people say that they want to keep up the profile of their dead friend as a source of remembering them and their life and achievements.

Facebook provides memorializing services for such accounts. To get it done, a friend or a family member of the late person needs to request Facebook to memorialize the account of a certain person. Facebook requires a written proof of death. Once the formalities are done, the account goes into memorialized state. This means that the interaction is now limited, the account could not be logged into, however it still exists so that the friends of the late person could pay their respects. The phone numbers and other sensitive details are hidden. The person doesn't appear in Search Results anymore and the non-friends cannot view the profile.

The late Facebook user accounts feel haunting these days because we are not used to it and there are not as many dead accounts. But after a decade, memorial accounts will feel normal as there would be quite some late users; death on cyberspace will sound normal!

The time is near when people would declare and guide, in their wills, the relatives on how to take care of their cyber identity. The image and presence on internet certainly makes a difference to a person's persona and I believe that most of us would not like our online identity left in the hands of strangers!


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