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Social Network Marketing

Social Network Marketing

Social Network Marketing, the term might seem vernacular of business studies, but every person who uses the internet actually becomes a part of it. Social Network Marketing refers to the tactics are strategies employed to gain traffic to a certain website.

Social Network Marketing is achieved through many different online means for example through famous social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, through especially created blogs or through YouTube.

The Idea of Social Marketing

Basically, the idea behind Social Network Marketing is that the sites that get a lot of traffic are used to create such innovate, appealing and engaging content that would convince the users to visit a certain site.

Through Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest social network marketing platform. Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active users. The ability to create Facebook pages and groups provides online marketers with a brilliant opportunity to promote their business and products online. Since Facebook profiles are quite detailed, one could post images, detailed descriptions and even videos of the products. This attracts a lot of attention. If done properly, Facebook pages can gather thousands of fan, hence a lot of traffic for the target website.

Through Twitter

Having 500 million active users, Twitter becomes one of the most famous Social Media website. It allows users to read and create tweets about anything that they follow. Although, Twitter is a popular choice for Social Media Marketers, it offers much less detail for the product under consideration. But the tweets often contain links to external sites, after sparking interest in the readers, so that the audience could be directed to the target site and hence the aim of Social Media Marketing is achieved.

Through Blogs

Over the years, the scope of blogs for marketing purposes has boomed. The blogs allow marketers to create long posts about their products. They could highlight the qualities of the product and provide testimonials for the visitors. Blogs have proved to be a great way for generating traffic.

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Learn How to Block Facebook Ads On Any Browser...Easily

 How to Block Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are displayed at right corner of your Facebook page. They don't bother you much but if you still don't like Facebook ads you can block them. Learning how to block Facebook ads is so easy. I will describe various easy methods to block ads on Facebook, which anyone can use.

Firefox Users Only:  Install GreaseMonkey or AdBlock Plus

If you use Mozilla Firefox, there are scripts available that you can download and install. These are add-ons for Firefox. Once installed, you can use them from within Firefox to easily block Facebook Ads.

Once Greasemonkey is installed, also download any of the following scripts:

1.  Remove All Facebook Ads

2.  Facebook Ads

To download Adblock Plus, click here, or to download Greasemonkey click here.

IE Users Only: Install AdBlock Pro 1.4

For Internet Explorer users only, use this script. Download and install AdBlockPro 1.4 to get rid of Facebook Ads  (

This is how to block ads on Facebook page. Download any of the scripts mentioned above, and the ads will show on your Facebook page no more.

Chrome Users Only

Go to this webpage, and here you will find many Chrome extensions that you can install to block Facebook Ads.

Use "Facebook Ads Blocker" at top of the list, or any other one. Just click the "Add to Chrome" button at right side of the extension name and you're done.

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Learn How to Earn Money Online with Google Adsense

So you've heard about Google Adsense or your friend just told you that money can be earned from the Internet, by working from home? And you're wondering whether this is possible? Yes, this is true! Not only can you earn money online but easily. In this article I will explain step by step how to earn money with Google Adsense on the internet and how Google Adsense can help you in this regard. How to earn money with Adsense, in simple steps:

Earning Money with Google Adsense, How?

Before I explain how to make money with Adsense, first find out what Google Adsense is. Google Adsense is a service by Google that runs advertisement on your website, along with your content. Just as we see in TV; in the middle or other section of a TV program, advertisements start running. The advertiser pays the TV channel for running that advertisement.

In the similar fashion, what Google Adsense does is that it shows advertisement on your website, along with the content, but on the website there is a little difference on how advertiser pays you money – On TV, advertiser’s pays for running the advertisements but on the internet advertiser pays when someone clicks on the advertisement title, to open it. Yes, there are a very few advertisers that pays a small amount of money just when the Ad title appears on the website, but such that of ads are very rare.

Look at the right internet advertisement and see that these are the advertisements titles (along with a little description). Whenever someone clicks on an Ad title, the ad opens. The Ad opens in another website, of the advertiser where he shows all his products or services for sale. Now let us look at the complete steps required to create a setup for earning through Google Adsense:

Next Step: Create a Website

Without a website, how will you show your content, and where the advertisements will appear? So the first step is to create a website. What type of design you require for the website depends on what you are going to put on that e.g. articles, poetry, images, jokes, news, etc, etc.

If you want to buy a domain and hosting for your own website - i prefer using Read my review of here.

Next Step: Register For Google Adsense Service

Earn money Adsense…How to make money with Google Adsense? You need to register for a Google Adsense account. Just go to the Google Adsense website ( and fill in the information, like your website address, your personal information, etc and submit.

If your application is approved, Google will email you and you will be ready to create and manage types of advertisements to show on your website.

Final Step: Add Lots Of Content To Your Website

Before you can make money with Google Adsense you need content. Without content why people would come to your website? So once your website is ready, it is time to start putting in content to it.Any content - articles, information like recipes, stories, jokes, poetry, news or anything that interests you, for example you can write about a game that you like, a mobile phone that you have used, review electronics, gadgets, etc.

Keep adding content to your website for higher earning. You should also find out good keywords if you are writing articles, this is to make your articles Google friendly. 

Follow the Google Adsense Policy

While you're creating your website and every day fine tuning your website and adding more content, make sure that your website, content and ads placement are also following the Google policy for Adsense ads and Google policy for mature/adult content

Finally, Start Earning Money

Once you have created a new website, registered for a Google Adsense Account and are regularly adding new content to your website, you are all set to start making money with Google Adsense. Soon you will see your earning coming from your website. People are viewing your website and clicking on the ads, which is generating income for you. In the Google Adsense dashboard, you will see how much you are earning daily, from which content, etc. Remember the more content your website has, the more frequently you are adding new content, the more chances of people coming to your website, the more chances of them clicking on the ads. More clicks mean more money.Happy earning!

This was how to make money with Adsense. Now you know how to make money with Google Adsense, it is easy, isn’t it! Hope you found this article helpful!

Wondering if there are Adsense alternatives? Yes, there are so many. But don't use just any of them. There is some very good ones I would recommend you to use (you can even integrate another service with Adsense on your website).  I have written about these best ones here.

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Answering: What is Adsense Premium Account

What Is Google Adsense Premium Account?

You know what is Adsense but what is Adsense Premium? Well, the Adsense Premium account gives you special privileges, like you can create ads of your liking, with special effects like mouse-over, more customizable designs, and much more. Read on to find out about Adsense Premium account features:

Adsense Premium Features

1. Revenue terms: You can customize revenue terms. It means that you can negotiate with Google how much share they will give you from the clicks.

2. Adsense help:  Google gives a rep to help you optimize your website as well as the ads to blend best with the website, so chances of more earning are increased

3. Ad Designs: You can customize font, styles, font size, basically design the complete ad format yourself, to your liking.

4. Labling: Premium Adsense publishers can remove the label Ads by Google.

5. More Ads: Google Adsense Premium publisher account holders can place more than three ads on a page, whereas, the simple Adsense account holders can place only three.

This was about Adsense Premium account. If you are interested to learn more, you may email Google for more details.

How Do You Get Adsense Premium Account?

But how do you get a Premium Adsense account? Well even Google does not provide details, and has kept the criteria, and the procedure hidden for some reason.

So far what I have come to know about the Premium Adsense account is that you only get an invite from Google for becoming a premium Adsense member. And who gets the invite? Good question! Website with solid traffic, unique large number of visitors  (five million search queries, or 20 million content page views per month) get the invite.

What is Google Adsense

How to Make Money With Google Adsense: Step-By-Step

What Percentage of Earning Does Google Share With Adsense Users

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5 Websites Like Wikipedia

Although in Wikipedia, you can find almost all kind of content that you are looking for, it's sometimes good to try new things. Here's a list of five websites like Wikipedia that you can also try.

1. Citizendium - 

2. Wikinfo -

3. Knowino -

4. Everything2 -

5. h2g2 - 

These were alternatives to Wikipedia. There may be more websites than these but the ones mentioned above look similar and also offer similar kind of material that is on Wikiepdia. Do you use any of these websites, or any other? Would you like to recommend any such website? Share with others your recommendation in the comments section below.

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Find Out: Is Your Computer Safe Without Antivirus? What Are Sources of Virus?

Your computer without antivirus software is safe if you do not download anything from the Internet and do not copy or install anything from a USB drive or any other external storage. It is highly important for anyone to install antivirus software on his computer, and not only this, he also has to make sure he updates it regularly, unless the software updates automatically.

People and organizations suffer massive losses on regular basis due to virus attacks. Some viruses do their job quietly and you don't notice any change in your computer. The virus may be your information or may be it is scheduled to attack the computer after certain time, so you never know. The bottom line is - viruses are spreading like a wildfire and taking preventive measures is necessary for both personal and business computer user.

Any computer user should not take it lightly. Maybe a virus never attacked you before but one day a virus gets downloaded in your computer and you may lose hundreds of files, maybe your Word files, your personal data, or any other work that you have been working on for weeks or months!

Sources of Virus

  • Internet is full of viruses. Whether you are browsing a music website, torrent, software or any other website, some of these, and you don't know which, have virus-infected files waiting for you to download them and cause harm to your computer.

  • Many a times, you connect a USB drive to your computer for copying files. These files may be virus-infected and when you run them, these will cause harm to your computer.

  • Sometimes, a very legitimate looking website also contains viruses. Often people upload their files onto websites (e.g. an online forum, etc.), which are virus-infected. 

  • Evil-doers have become so smart that they can attach a virus with a video file or a picture. When you open that picture or video file, these open perfectly fine but in the background the virus is doing its job quietly. 

These are common sources of virus attacks, and there may be more. A computer virus can cause a little to very serious damage to your computer and you may or may not notice any effect. Find out about the effects of computer viruses on the computer here.

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Need Antivirus software? Purchase it for a low price, at Amazon. See the link below for details.

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