Answering: What is Facebook?

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a website at which people of all ages can interact with each other. Like people interact physically, at Facebook they interact with messages. Anyone can message their friends, write something about themselves, on which someone could also comment. People can share their photos, videos with their friends, voice or video chat with others and more.

How Facebook Works?

We use Facebook by first opening where you are asked to sign in with your username and password. If you are opening the Facebook for the first time, you can create a new account on the same page, and it's quick and easy!

What You Can do At

Once you sign in to Facebook, you can do lots of thing on Facebook including:

Find and connect to people (friends): Facebook allows you to find people who also use Facebook, using their names or email addresses. Once you search for a person, usually your friends, if her/his name shows up in the search result, you can send him a friend request. That person would get a notification of your request; and if he accepts your request you both will be connected with each other, and can do a lot of things, which I will write about in detail below.

Messaging: People (friends) who you are connected with can send you messages, and you can send them messages too. You can voice and video chat with them also (no cost involved).  You can even send them a message when they are offline. It means when they will sign in to Facebook, they will receive your message that you had sent when they were offline.

Sharing of Pictures & Videos: You can create and share your pictures, picture albums as well as videos with your friends. When you share them with your friends, they can see them on their Facebook page when they sign in.

Write and Share Your Status with Friends: Facebook allows you to write and share your status with your Facebook friends.  You can write anything like what you are doing right now, where have been for dinner lately, or anything. You can share your status with your friends and let them comment on that also.

Play Games: In addition to status sharing, messaging, multimedia sharing, you can also play games at Facebook. There are tons of free games available at Facebook that you can play and enjoy!

Poke Friends: You can poke your friends. Poke means you are doing knock, knock on them. If someone has been out of touch for long, or for any other reason you can poke them, so they know they want their attraction, so they should message you or something.

These are the things you can do at Facebook. Interesting in joining community of 1 billion people at Facebook?  Go on then open and create yourself an account, it's free, quick and easy!

Facebook is fun, but it is addictive, too.  Facebook has many advantages but Facebook has some disadvantages, too.  However it's entirely up to you how you utilize Facebook.

Answered: Why Should I Use Facebook?

Why Should I Use Facebook?

Many people who haven't yet used Facebook ask question "why should i use Facebook". There are many reasons as to why you should use Facebook. The following are the reasons to use Facebook

Big Audience To Network With

Facebook has over 900 million users worldwide, and more than 10% of the USA internet activity is performed at the Facebook.  At Facebook you can network with people from different walks of the life, from different cities, countries. You can add them as friend, communicate with them, exchange ideas, pictures, videos and chat with each other.

Content Sharing

You can share your images, videos, even share your current status with others i.e what you have done today, what you're wearing, etc etc.

Comments and Feedback

Whatever status, image or video you share with people at, they can then leave a comment on that. There is also a Like button there that they can click to show they liked your sharing.


You can create and promote events. Maybe you are arranging a birthday party, a seminar, a training workshop or anything like that. Facebook allows you to create and manage events. You can invite people to join you, send queries etc at Facebook.

Traffic Generator

If you have a personal or business website and you want generate traffic to it, Facebook can help. When you have many friends connected with you and you share with them your website, most likely many of them will open your website. In addition to friends, you can also share your website with non-friends, and groups.


Facebook is available in 70 languages so no matter which country you are from you will be able to use it with ease, in your own language.

These were the reasons why you should use Facebook. Moreover, using Facebook does not require any IT or any other skills. Any one can start using Facebook easily, without learning how to use it first. Just by spending a few minutes you will know most of it. Facebook can be accessed through PCs, mobile phones, smart phones, iPad and many other mobile devices. This is one of the great Facebook advantages because no matter where you are you can share, comment, and do all other Facebook activity, with ease.

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Disadvantages of Facebook for Teens and Students

Facebook has advantages but it has many disadvantages, too. There are many disadvantages of Facebook that are associated with teens and students. Find out how Facebook effects life of young children and students and also harms their privacy...

There are 1000's of scams targeting teens

You might not be aware of this but there are thousands of scams going on all the time, targeting teens. Scammers, hackers first connect to you, pretending to be your friend or any acquaintances, and steal your information which they later misuse in different ways.

Many a times you get emails requesting to go with them on a date, fooling you, trapping you and wasting your time. Sometimes someone would connect with you with their fake account, acting as a business, bank or any other company. They would ask your personal details, bank or credit card details, and there are chances kids, without knowledge, pass on personal or sensitive information to them.

Facebook is a Gateway to the whole Internet

Through Facebook ads, friends and other people's comments, status updates, you get to access all sort of images, videos, pages, and often click on a link to another website. So Facebook is not just a Facebook, it's a whole internet, where all kind of good and bad things are found. For example pornography, violent images, videos, horror, and lots more things that are not suitable for children - all they can be accessed through different means at Facebook.

No.1 Addiction Tool

Certainly, the place where most time is spent by any kid nowadays is Facebook or console games also. Facebook is addiction, once you are online, you don't finish you session unless you've updated you status, commented on other people's status, chatted with online friends, viewed messages, checked notifications, etc. I recommend you to read about Facebook Addiction Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment.

Password Hacking

Teens and students are mostly unaware of importance of making a complex password. They tend to keep a simple and easily memorable passwords which get guessed by others easily. Thus their personal information is accessed and so their privacy is lost. 

Waste of Time and Cause to Procrastinate

Facebook eats up your time so quick that you don't even notice how much time you have spent using it. Moreover, Facebook is one of the main reasons why children postpone or delay their school work, social and sport activities. When you are online you would be tempted so much to complete all your Facebook activities like checking messages, status updating, etc, that you would de-prioritize your important work and sometimes even forget or cancel it.

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Top Advantages of Facebook to Businesses

In the advantages of Facebook article we learnt benefits of using Facebook to individuals. There are advantages of Facebook to businesses, too. This article highlights advantages that Facebook offers to businesses.

You can Target Specific Audience for Marketing Your Product or Service

Facebook provides you specific market plans that would perfectly suit you. You can target people of specific ages, from different countries, sex. You can even target people who have specified interests, or who work in specific companies, and many more such options are available to target the right customers.

You Get Heavy Traffic To Your Website

If you are wanting to bring lots of traffic to your website, you can trust Facebook ads to attract thousands of people to visit your website. At every hour thousands of people are online on Facebook. When they see the ad, a very good number of people would click it and come on to your website.

You Can Find and Connect with Experts

Thousands of Experts of different subjects have their accounts on Facebook.  You can search an expert whom you need expertise of. There are individuals and organizations on Facebook that can be searched and connected with to get expert help from.

It's Free To Communicate

With Facebook text chat, audio and video chat, you can talk to any expert who you are connected to, for free. There is no charge in talking with them at Facebook at all.

Viral Marketing

One of the greatest advantages of Facebook to businesses is that when you create a business page or a group at Facebook, interested people would not only like it but also share it with their friends. This way you can find tons of new customers through others.

User Comments

When you advertise a product or service on a Facebook page, you can identify negative and positive comments of people. This way you can find out the potential and success ability of your product or service.

These were the top benefits of Facebook to businesses. Do you use Facebook to sell your product or service? Comment below, sharing with others your experience. 


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