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Yahoo!Answers   ( is one of the more popular Q&A social website on the internet. On this website, users can ask questions about, well about anything. Other users then answer these questions. A points and best answer system is in place to provide incentive for people to reply to questions and to encourage them to answer them. You can only ask more questions when you have a certain number of points.

Personal Opinions

So how helpful is it? Well as the people who are going to reply to your question are other users, it is likely that they may have encountered the same problem some time earlier. So as a result, they can give you a first-hand account of how they dealt with the problem. These simple explanations are quite often easier to understand and more convenient to find than articles on the same subject.

Yahoo Answers! Categories

Questions are categorized in the many categories. There are categories for all sorts of stuff; from questions about education to questions about entertainment, quick polls, technology, day to day life, pets, cars and almost anything and everything that you can think of.

In the education tabs, you can see kids trying to get some help on school level science and mathematics. This shows that the social site is helpful to kids looking for some help in doing homework. Similarly, higher level science questions are also under discussion. Current affairs, religion and politics are also discussed in categories dedicated for them.

In technology tabs, people are trying to get some opinion on a new gadget they are looking to buy and in the travel sections; advice is asked for by people planning vacation trips.

When people ask questions on Yahoo!Answers, they are looking for answers from other people who have been in similar situations. This makes Yahoo!Answers unique. People who get some help from the website are often looking to return the favor by helping other people in return. This keeps the website working as everyone is willing to contribute.

Overall, Yahoo!Answers is a great place to visit and a very helpful tool if you want help or advice on anything.

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