Google Adsense Discontinuing Payments via Western Union from 2021

News published on 10 August by Google Adsense says that Google Adsense will no longer be sending payments through Western Union.

It is a big news for all the publishers who monetize their websites using Adsense and get paid through Western Union.

Google has been sending payments through Western Union since a long time. Why is Google going to stop sending payments through Western Union is unknown. Probably, they realized that Western Union is costlier than sending payments through other means.

When It's Happening?

So when Google will stop sending payments through Western Union? From the start of 2021! Google said they will inform in advance as to when Western Union can no longer be used to receive payments. And this change will not affect each and every Adsense user as Google said that the publishers from most of the countries will not receive money through Western Union but there still will be a very few countries left where payments will still be sent out through Western Union.

How you will know that your country is one of them who will no longer receive payments through Western Union? You can easily check it by logging in to your Adsense account, then go to the payment options and you will see Western Union option removed from there. But wait before you check, as I said, the change will come into effect from the start of the year 2021.

New Payment Methods

So, how Google will send payments from the start of 2021? Google will allow you to receive payments from many other methods, such as:

1. Wire Transfer - your bank account must be in USD
2. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) - available for some countries only, and provided you signed up for Adsense during or after 2015.
3. EFT via SEPA - available for European countries only.
4. Checks - available in countries where EFT is not available
5. Rapida - for Russian residents only

Good or Bad News?

So many publishers will find this news as a bad news for them because they were happily using Western Union to receive their payments.
Many publishers wouldn't have their bank accounts in USD, so now they will have to open new bank accounts, which will be an extra effort. Some people who live in a country where USD is not the local currency, they probably wouldn't be able to easily open bank account in USD, as the bank might require payment proofs, some documentations, etc.

Some publishers will be happy to start getting paid through Wire transfer, having money sent right to their bank account, and without needing them to physically go to Western Union to receive money.


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