Avoiding Facebook to Make a Statement

Facebook has over 1.35 billion users around the world. Such is the saturation of the social networking site that it is hard to see anyone who doesn't have a Facebook account. From kids as young as 10 to old people in their 70s, everybody uses Facebook. 

Facebook Not Worth It

If somebody in today's world does not have a Facebook account, it is safe to assume that he has got a reason behind this decision to not have a presence on the world's most popular online social platform. I have come across a few people who say that they refuse to accept the society's demands to have a Facebook account. They believe that being on Facebook will not be of any benefit to them and will only result in a waste of time and energy. Thus they decide to stay off Facebook. In doing so, they are rejecting the social norm of having a Facebook account. They are rejecting Facebook to make a statement.

Is Facebook Self-Advertisement?

Others who do not use Facebook say they believe Facebook is nothing more than a way to advertise your own life to people who don't really matter. They say they are not interested in sharing their movie nights out and their relationship statuses to an audience of 500 or more friends, some of which they have not seen for years. They believe that posting and sharing updates about your own life is a meaningless way to fuel your own self esteem by getting likes and attention. They thus avoid Facebook and choose to use other ways to get in touch with people they actually care about.

Both of these people have one thing in common. They believe that Facebook is not worth their time and energy. They have decided to use other ways to get in touch with their friends and they have rejected the society's demands to have a Facebook presence. In other words, they refuse to use Facebook and in doing so, they are making a strong statement.

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