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8 Ways Computer Viruses Are Transmitted

Computer viruses are transmitted through various means and spread very fast. The following are the most common ways how computer viruses are transmitted.

1. Running a virus-infected program, image, video or any other file.

2. Booting a computer from a virus-infected medium, such as USB drive, etc.

3. Opening of a virus-infected email attachment.

4. Running pirated software. Pirated software files are known for often having virus attached to them, but you may find a virus-free pirated software as well if you're lucky.

5. Mobile devices. If you have virus in your smart phone and you connect it to your computer to copy files. You will end up copying virus-infected files from your phone to computer.

6. Bad Intranet. If you're connected to a computer network (LAN), you may access a file from a computer in the network, which is virus-infected. This way, the virus will run on your computer.

7. Hackers. Some hackers can target computer directly and even can bypass your computer Firewall to send a virus in your computer and run it. Though this way of virus transmission is not as common as others, it does happen quite often everywhere in the world

8. Opening a virus-infected USB drive. Many a times a USB drive is infected by virus in such a way that the moment you open it to see its contents, the virus runs - without even needing you to execute any file that is in it.

These are the many ways how computer viruses are transmitted. By reading this, now you may have understood the importance of using antivirus software. Some people think that antivirus software is not needed. To these people, I explained earlier whether their computers are really safe without antivirus or not. I also explained in another article the most common effects of viruses on your computer. I recommend you also read this.

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Top Advantages of Online Shopping

There are many benefits of online shopping. If you are considering shopping online, the following list of advantages of online shopping may encourage you to prefer shopping online in place of conventional shopping.

Save Time 

With just a few clicks, you can search through all the items on the website, read about them, and buy using your credit card. >An average search and purchase on eBay can take your 5 minutes, so it is too much of time saving than going to a physical shop in the town and shop there.

Save Energy 

It is tiresome to go out for shopping, from one shop to another, from one market to another, or sometimes you even need to travel to another city.

What is worse that you travel far to buy something but couldn't find that thing or the stocks were finished. Hence, with traditional shopping, you need to spend your energy or even waste it sometimes. The better alternative is to shop online where you will save 100% of your energy.

Price and Quality Comparison

You can easily compare price of 10s of items before picking up the cheapest one. Furthermore, you can compare the item you are interested in with many other similar items that are also on sale. This helps you to pick up the right quality, at the right price.

Avoid Queues

In conventional shopping, you have to stand in the queue and often very long queues to pay for your items. Whereas in online shopping, you don't have to face any such queue.

No Crowd

Online shopping saves you from going into crowd or a noisy environment. When you go to a city center, especially at the weekend, the streets are fully packed with people. Not just that, you may also find some shops full of people. This all makes you tired and you want to leave the place as quickly as possible - this takes away all the joy of your shopping.

Save Fuel 

Shopping online not only saves your time but saves your fuel also. Consider going out shopping 2-5 times a week, the cost of fuel that you pay, multiple it with how many times you go out in a month and in a year, it comes up to be a huge amount. Whereas when shopping online, you avoid this expenditure completely.

Too Ashamed to Buy 

Sometimes you want to buy a certain things that you can't buy when you are with someone, or maybe you only want to buy it from a ladies shop. Things like ladies under-garments, etc. may be difficult for someone to buy at a shop, in front of anyone. So, it is much easier to buy it online, instead, because all the process is private and no one will know what you have bought.

24/7 Availability 

Online shopping stores allow you to shop 24/7. Conventional retail stores close in the evening. There may be some stores that open 24/7 but you can not always find a particular thing that you need from those stores - you need to go to a specific store and that maybe closes early in the evening.

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Top 7 Advantages of Buying on eBay

There are many advantages of shopping on eBay. Whether you are a frequent Internet user or casual, this site is very easy and simple to use. If you like to save time, avoid long queues, eBay has many benefits to offer.


It is very easy and also quick to open an account on Once your account is created, the process to link your bank account, or your bank credit/debit card for payments is also very simple. From browsing the eBay products to bidding and making payment has been made as simple as possible. Anyone can open an account on eBay and use it.

Quality comparison

You can compare similar products for their quality and specification, before buying one. Furthermore, you can read reviews of other people who have purchased the same item that you are looking at, so as to know how really good that product is and any cons and pros of it. 

Price Comparison:

You can compare prices of a product being sold by many sellers, before actually buying it. 

Bid or Buy:

You can either buy the product right away for whatever price it is selling for, or you can place your bid. Many a times, your bid is higher than of other bidders but at the same time your bid is much low than the 'Buy It Now' price, so you end up buying a high price product at a very low price. However, since there are thousands of sellers selling same and similar items, due to competition among them, the sellers try to sell their 'But It Now' products at as low price as possible.


You can buy a product from any seller, no matter which country he is doing his business from, or what currency his bank account is in. When you make a payment, eBay handles all the activities of converting the money to another currency and sending it to the seller.

eBay Money Back Guarantee:

eBay protects every buyer in case he does not receive the item that he purchased, or if the item is not as described by the seller in his product listing.

Shopping History

You can keep track of items that you have purchased in the past. You can see your spending by date and other criteria. This helps you in keeping an eye on your purchases and the money you have spent or wasted.

These are the advantages of shopping on Have you ever shopped on eBay? Share your experience of eBay in the comments section below,

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Find Out How Adsense Pays You

How does Google Adsense pay you? This is the question that many people who have some interest in online earning, ask. The explanation for this is very simple. Read on and learn how Adsense pays you.

How Does Adsense Pays You?

Companies pay Google to place ads for their products/services on Internet websites. Obviously, Google cannot put ads on a website that they don't own. They can only place ads on websites that are registered with Google to display ads.

If you own a website and you have registered with Google to display ads then Google will automatically start to display ads on your website.

Now, since you have provided Google with a place to display ads, Google will share money from businesses, with you, for running their ads. 

Google doesn't pay you your share as a lump sump amount, they pay you only for the ads on your website which your site visitor will click on. When a user clicks on an ad on your website, Google will charge the business whose ad was clicked on, and then share the payment from that business with you.

Payment Methods

Google sends you your earning by the method you choose. These methods include Western Union, Cheque, Wire - direct money transfer to your bank (this method is not available for Adsense publishers in every country)

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Top 5 Disadvantages of Shopping on eBay

There are many advantages of buying on eBay, but at the same time there are disadvantages of buying on eBay, too. Find below the top 5 disadvantages of shopping on eBay.

1. The first disadvantage of buying on eBay website is that you must have a PayPal account for making payments to the sellers. Since, not everyone owns a PayPal account and PayPal doesn't operate in every country, you can not shop on ebay if you don't have eBay. The website does allow payments by credit card but that also has to be done through PayPal.

2. Shopping on can be expensive when you have to pay for shipment. 

3. Some sellers may not provide complete or accurate information about their products, due to which you may get something delivered to you that you didn't really wanted or wouldn't like something of that quality.

4. If you are bidding on an item, you will have to compete with many other bidders to win that item. Furthermore, you may have to wait for days or weeks for the bidding to end before you could buy the item.

5. There are many fraudulent sellers doing business on eBay. They might say they are selling a genuine item but when you get it, it is totally a different thing.

These were the top eBay disadvantages for the buyers. Have you ever shopped on eBay? Share your experience of eBay in the comments section below.

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Mature/Adult Content That Violates Google Adsense Policies and Lead to Account Closure

Google doesn't allow Google Ads placement with content that is mature, adult in nature. If you have ads placed on a website that has such type of content, your Adsense account may be suspended.

Find out more about what exactly that content is which Google considers as mature/adult.

Pornography or Nudity

Content including images, videos, games or text that describes nudity or pornography is not allowed. Such kind of content showing real people or animation - both are not acceptable.


Indecent content such as women wearing see-through clothes, close-up of private parts of men or women, striptease, kissing and all other such kind of material is not allowed


Content showing bestiality, necrophilia, bondage, sadomasochism and similar is also strictly prohibited.

Sexual Tools

Display of sex toys, lubricants, breast enlargement medication/tools - all such kind of material is not acceptable.

Sexual Text

Websites are not allowed to display Google ads that contain any kind of sexual gratifying content like sexual jokes, sexual forums, excessive profanity, and erotic stories

Sex Health Tips/Discussion

Google ads are also not allowed to be displayed on pages where sexual tips are mentioned like advice on sexual performance, or where discussions happen on sexual transmitted disease, sexual health, etc.

Dating/Marriage Websites

Any website that allows men and women to search for registered people's profile for dating, marriage or to involve in any sexual activity is not allowed to display Google ads.


Hyperlinks on a page are not allowed that take people to a site or page where any kind of material is present as mentioned above.

This was the list of mature/adult content that violates Adsense policy. All of the aforementioned type of content cannot be present with Google ads. If you are already running Google ads along with mature/adult material, it is advisable that ads be removed immediately to avoid your Adsense account suspension.

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