Find below the top extreme facts about Facebook, which you will find astonishing.


There have been murders for which Facebook has been blamed for. One such instance was happened in 2015 when a woman murdered a couple just because they unfriended her on Facebook.

Not only this, Facebook has also been referenced in all kind of crime investigations including rape, murder, robbery. Furthermore, Facebook has also been involved in cases like divorces, family breakups, etc.

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Ever wondered how you can see which of your phone contacts are on Facebook?  It would be awesome to find out your phone contacts on Facebook and connect with them, no?

It is very easy to find your phone contacts on Facebook, and then connect with them. Facebook provides us with a very easy feature that allows us to do that.


1. Stay in Touch with Kids

You might have kids working in another part of the world. By using Facebook you can see thier routine activities that they share and also communicate with them through Facebook.

2. Learn Something New

You are able to search through millions of Facebook pages dedicated to a vast number...


How to stop TinyMCE editor from removing any code from the editor?

Well, it is very easy. First, note that many people have tried this, but this method fails:

TinyMCE editor settings

By adding above parameters, you will still see that some tags, even if not all, are being removed by the editor.

So, here is what you need to do, so that no code is removed by the TinyMCE editor:

TinyMCE Parameters Settings

What is Facebook Depression?

You might have come across online, newspapers on in magazines about Facebook depression. Let's answer the question 'what is Facebook depression?'

Causes of Facebook Depression

It is experience of depression as a result of prolonged usage of Facebook, when one might find out his/her contacts superior than him or her in some way.

By frequently using Facebook, one might find out some of...