There are many dangers of Instagram. If you use Instagram, make sure that you are aware of its harmful effects that can cause serious problems, such as:

  • On Instagram people may spy on you even if they don’t know you. They may start following you with a fake name/profile and you may not notice that it is a fake profile.
  • Your pictures may be misused. Anyone, a jealous friend or an enemy may take your picture (or take its screenshot), and edit it badly and put on the Internet, on Facebook and many other places.
  • Instagram can be addictive. Many people who use Instagram tend to spend too much time on it, just watching other's photos and sharing theirs.
  • Instagram reserves the right to reuse, reproduce and distribute any image shared publicly on Instagram. How shocking it is!
  • Teens often give away their personal information to others including their location, which may be used against them.
  • There is no filter to prevent yourself from seeing violent, explicit, adult-natured pictures. Seeing these photos by youngsters may have bad effect on children.
  • A variety of people are on Instagram, hence it is easy for someone to become victim of cyber bullying, and this can result to horrific situations.
These were dangers of Instagram. Do you use Instagram? How your experience has been with this app? Share your experience with others in the comments section below.

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