Most of us know Facebook as a social networking site where people can interact with each other submitting posts, commenting, chatting, etc. Other than these, Facebook also has many other uses that not many people aware of. 

1. Play and Learn Games

There are many games that you can play on Facebook. Type any game name in Facebook search and start playing it right in the Facebook window.

2. Follow Politicians

Use Facebook to find out what the politicians are up to. You can even send them a message to know about a particular thing.

3. Get Help on Your Homework

There are numerous groups on Facebook where people with specific skills interact with each other. You can join these groups and ask questions on your assessments. To find a specific group, enter in Facebook Search something like 'Physics group' for example to see the groups about Physics and Physics study

4. Watch Videos

There are millions of videos on Facebook. As a best alternative to YouTube for video watch, you can use Facebook to search and watch different videos

5. Sell Your Old Stuff

On Facebook, there are thousands of sell and purchase groups. Enter in Facebook Search something like 'Buy and Sell in London' and you will see list of such groups that you can join and sell something. People who have used such groups for buying or selling things tell that it's much faster and easier to buy or sell anything on Facebook groups than on other sites like olx etc.

6. Connect with School, College Mates around the World

Many people have found their early school mates on Facebook. It is very nice to have found and get in touch with you oldies. You can search them by entering their names in the Facebook Search box. Or you can try entering your school name in the search, as there might be a group by your name and your friends might also be part of that group, who can easily find in the group and connect with.

7. Wish Someone on His Birthday

Facebook is a nice tool to wish your friends on their birthday. You can write on your friend's wall a birthday greeting and he will get notification as you post it.        

8. Fundraising

Many organizations and groups use Facebook to promote their fundraising activities. Since you can easily reach a big number of people easily on Facebook, it is a good tool to raise funds for any event   

9. Organize an Event

You can organize and promote an event on Facebook. Whether it is a personal event like a birthday or a business related event like a conference, you can organize it on Facebook. People can respond to your event by saying whether they are interested, not interested or going. Through Facebook you can attract multitude of people to attend your event

10. Audio/Video Chat With Someone

You can use Facebook as an alternative to Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Etc. The Facebook chatting feature or their Messenger App allows use to audio/video call with everyone you are connected with on Facebook

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