With the introduction of social media in our society and its ever-increasing usage with every passing day, most of us were reared into believing that the more 'social' we were online, the better our lives would be. So we ended up sharing everything, from where we were, who we were socializing with, to photos of the food we were eating. It was no longer enough to simply be with friends, you had to document it. To put it simply, it was more like; "Picture it or it didn't happen"

But then suddenly things started to evolve, as they always do. Now for some social sharing is not a good idea and they just want to disconnect themselves from it. However, because for the longest time people were connected to each other, that disconnect was pretty unlikely to happen so quickly, unless, there was a way to get rid of it!

How to do it?

One can claim that with smart phones and smart everything, lives have certainly gotten easier. Thanks to the availability of apps that hide your location, tell you where your super-social friends are, so you can steer clear and enjoy your time.

The following are some apps which can fulfill your desire of becoming a bit anti-social and hiding your privacy on the internet.



Cloak is the opposite of location stalking. With cloak, you have to be anti-social to large extent, as it uses location data to make it easier for you to avoid the people you want to avoid. It uses the location data of your friends from social media and maps it out for you.Its motto explains it all; "Incognito mode for real life". However, there is one catch to it. 


Split works more like Cloak, but it can also use the data from Facebook and Twitter to create a real-time map of problematic people that you put into an avoid list. With split you can scan location beforehand. And whats more, it also gives you and escape route!

But sometimes instead of trying to avoid people, you might just want to avoid the myriad of distractions that are online. When you find yourself spending time on Facebook, looking at the photos of your friends' most recent hangout, while leaving your work to pile up. For those really trying times, there are also apps for that.



Anti-social simply helps you focus on your work without wasting your precious time. It does something we all need. It locks your computer from using social sites. And it gets better! In order, to access those social sites, you would have to reboot your system.

Hence the trick is to be able to balance out your work and personal life and instead of spending time on smartphones, spend time with real people. These were tips for hiding yourself from prying eyes on the Internet. Hope you found these useful!