The internet and the social media is the next big thing in the world of marketing. Marketing is all about reaching out to the maximum audience and deliver your message. The best advertisements tend to be those which are clever, funny and relatable.

There is a huge online audience. People spend more time on the internet today than they do watching the TV or reading newspapers. So you can reach out to a large number of people with a productive online marketing campaign.

Best Advertisements are those that People Enjoy

The conventional online marketing by placing ads on websites or at the start of videos or by pop-ups is no longer as effective because people are finding ways around them. More and more people are using pop-up blockers. Software is now available which allows you to skip the ads in the start of videos. Imposing advertisements on people is no longer an effective way to advertise. The best advertisements would be those that people enjoy. And this is where memes come in. Memes can be a great way to advertise your brand or your product.

The Potential of “Memevertising”

There are many benefits of online marketing through memes:

A meme is basically a photo with text put on it. The photo is either one of the many popular “templates” or just some photo taken from the internet. A witty or satirical line is put on the photo. Memes are everything a modern advertisement looks for. It is short, witty, comical and contagious.

Another advantage of online viral marketing through memes is that they cost much less than conventional advertising. Companies pay hundreds of millions of dollars for gigantic advertisement campaigns; on the other hand, making memes hardly costs anything. And if they are well made and hit the mark then they can be extremely effective. The online trends are a huge thing that reaches out to the whole world and if the advertising meme you made is trending, then your product is surely going to be popular too.

With photo sharing such a big thing, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be used as excellent marketing tools. We have had some examples of brands using the content of these memes for marketing. For example, a World of Warcraft advertisement contained a “Chuck Norris” fact. These “Chuck Norris” facts have been very popular with internet meme makers and viewers and that advertisement got an incredible amount of attention for its clever use of meme making content. We will surely see more of this kind of advertisement in the future.