Brief History of KFC

This famous restaurant, which is present at more than 19000 locations, was founded in 1952. The founder of the KFC Colonel Harland Sanders started selling chicken at his roadside restaurant in Kentucky, USA. The startup was very  successful  and in a few  years he expanded his business by making KFC's presence in more than one city. Soon, the business even further grew to great extent that Colonel Harland found it difficult to manage it, so he sold it to two investors John and Jack. From then  onward , KFC grew worldwide rapidly and only between 1986 and 1991, 2000+ outlets  were opened in different...


If you hold a US Visa, you can enter many other countries without requiring Visa for that country. Here is the list of countries you can go visa-free with your USA visa.

 Antigua and Barbuda: Stay allowed up to 30 days. US$ 100 visa exemption fee will be payable upon arrival.



If you are holding Schengen Visa, you can enter many of the Non-Schengen countries, either by obtaining visa on arrival, or by obtaining visa online before traveling. However, customized requirements for some nationalities also exist, as described below:

  • Albania:  90 days stay for holders of


There are different Schengen Visa types, available for different category of applicants. The different types of Schengen visas are described below:

1. Uniform Schengen Visas (USV)

This type of Schengen...


The following is the list of non Schengen countries in Europe, which had shown interest to join the Schengen area but as of March 2018, they are still not part of Schengen state agreement.

List of Countries Outside Schengen Area

1. Serbia

2. Georgia

3. Albania

4. Romania

5. Cyprus

6. Bulgaria

7. Croatia

8. Bosnia & Herzegovina

9. Moldova

10. Belarus