Learn How to Make Body Wash

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Making the Herbal Body Wash

In order to fulfill your beauty as well as health requirements, you definitely need a good quality body wash. However many that are in market have suitability issues and are likely to cause irritation, allergies, marks and adverse side effects. Here is an easy way to make your own body wash at home.

Basics but Essentials

Ingredients required for making your own personalized body wash at home are very commonly used and are readily available. To make your own body wash at home you need to know what smell you like and dislike and then choose ingredients accordingly. The next thing you need for your home made body wash are herbs of your own choice. You can go for any herbs since they usually do not have any side effects that may harm you. The most widely consumed herbs for body washes are lavender, catnip, chamomile and peppermint so its your choice here. These herbs have different characteristics like chamomile is known for relaxing you, rose petals are natural moisturizers etc.

After you have got the desired herbs you wish to infuse in your body wash for scent, you will have to have a liquid soap (which is easily available online and at any craft store), some distilled water and a cheesecloth.

The Process of Making Body Wash

Mix your chosen herbs into oil and water to get your favorite scents. Here it is to be mentioned that since you are not an expert at the subject you might face a slight difficulty while producing the desired fragrance. So for that you can try different combinations of herbs and then choose the best one.

On a light flame add some mix the chosen herbs into oil and stir it constantly so that you do not over cook or burn the herbs. Initially you can make less amount of solution for testing and practicing. However later you can increase quantities and produce ample body wash. Continue stirring for another 15-20 minutes on light fire.

One thing that you have to ensure for your body wash is that it Is smooth. If it is not smooth it will not give you feel of it and might lack something. So you might use cheesecloth for filtering it and extracting the smooth liquid from the mixture you have been stirring. However these layers of cheesecloth for filtration can only used when you cool down your mixture and do not start filtering it immediately after taking it off the fire.

Now after stirring and filtration you have to mix your liquid soap to the herbal mixture to give it base and body of a body wash. Now you have the part of the process in which you can personalize the body wash by adding scents, perfumes, oils and herbs of your own choice and suitability. As mentioned earlier there is no compulsion of using any specific herbs and you can as what you feel like. For coloring the mixture you can add any natural colorants made of annatto seeds or sunflower oil available at any craft store. Again adding color is your personal choice.

Lastly, you have to store it in a clean bottle at room temperature and avoid it from sunlight. Your own natural and personalized body wash shall last with you for about a year after which it expires.

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