How to Build a Website: Very Easy-to-Understand Steps

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This is a very easy-to-understand guide on how to build a website. I will take you through the steps, which you can easily follow to build your own website quickly and without any problem.

What Do you Need ?

To build a website, you need three things:

1. Domain name: It is a name of your website e.g and are domain names. We usually call them website names. In the world of the Internet, these are called domain names.

2. Web hosting service: Like a space in your hard drive to store your files, a website also needs a space to store its files. The service that hosts your website stores your website files and database.

3. A website

How Do You Get These ?

Buying a domain name and hosting

Now, the question is, how do you get all these three things. Don’t worry, it is simple.  Domain name and hosting service are usually provided by a single service provider. You can choose to buy hosting from one service and a domain name from another service. But why would you do that when you can buy both the things from a single service provider.

So where to get the domain and hosting service for your website. There are many web hosting services available. The one that I use and would recommend is Web Hosting Pad.

You will simply sign up for an account, choose a domain name and pay for it and the hosting service. Once this is done, you can move on to the next step of building your website.

Creating your own website with no IT skills

If you have no IT skill, you will need to a hire one of the website builders from your country or from the internet. Though, it is easier to deal with a local website builder, buy you can buy a cheaper website builder online. Some of the best places to search for website builders include and

Just sign up for an account, post your website building project and you will get quotes from the website builders. Hire one of them and he will do the complete website building job for you.

Creating your own website with some IT skills

There are many content management systems (CMS) available for free. They allow you to build a website with simple clicks, and no programming knowledge is required. With CMS, you can add menu, articles and do other web things easily.  Some of the common CMS are Joomla, WordPress and Drupal

Once the website has been built, it is then uploaded onto your hosting account to make it available online and searchable on Google.

This is how you build a website. You might had wondered how difficult is creating your own website. As I explained above, these are the three things that you need – domain name, hosting service and a website. So go head, buy a domain name, hosting service and then hire a website developer on freelancer or fiverr and get your website ready quickly.


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