Facebook is the hub of communication today. We don’t check our emails as much as we check our Facebook. It has started taking the place of practically all the other modes of cyber communication. Facebook has a lot of utility but many times it could become a lethal addiction. There are many negative effects of Facebook addiction, and if you think you use Facebook too much, here is what you can do to cure your Facebook addiction.

Signs of Facebook Addiction

You check Facebook as soon as you get up and it’s the last thing that you do before going to bed. You can’t go on without a sneak peek into Facebook every two hours. You crave notifications. Many times you don’t really have anything to do on Facebook but you still use it aimlessly by surfing random pages and visiting profiles of people, even the ones you are not friends with.

Accept that you are a Facebook Addict

If you have all of the above mentioned qualities, you are a Facebook Addict. Accept this fact and you would also know yourself that Facebook does lot harm to you by killing your time. Many people face undone tasks, incomplete home works and relationship issues due to over-Facebooking. Do you want to become a victim of Facebook? If not, then treat your ailment before it is too late! So, how to overcome Facebook addiction? Find below useful tips

The Lighter Approach

If you just use Facebook on your Computer, then you could use a very useful Google Chrome App Stay Focused. This App blocks a website as soon as your specified time is up. It is a highly customizable App and could be very beneficial. Set up one hour for Facebook, once the hour is gone, Facebook would be blocked for the whole day.

This forced withdrawal of Facebook could be of some use.

The Drastic Approach

You use your Smartphone to stay check Facebook! You need a lot of work to shake off this habit. The first thing would be to Deactivate Facebook. Yes, it does sound cruel but you have to save yourself. Put up a simple status that says that you won’t be using Facebook for a while and click the Deactivate Button.

For the first few days, you would feel very lonely and bored with nothing much to do in life. But this is how all the addicts feel.

Find nice healthy activities for yourself. Brush up your lost interests and unpolished talents. Socialize and meet people. Visit places. After a few days, your life will be filled with things that are worthwhile and productive!

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