In this 4g vs 5g article, I will answer these common questions:

1. Is 5g fasther than 4g ?
2. How much faster is 5g than 4g ?
3. 4g vs 5g latency difference ?
4. What are benefits of 5g ?


If you compare 5g vs 4g lte speed, you will be astonished to know that just 1g up from 4g does not make the internet just a little bit faster but it makes the internet much much faster than you think. So if we compare 5g vs 4g lte speed, the 5g is set to give you 10 times more speed than 4g, which is great. It means 5G devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc) will able to reach peaks of up to 10 Gb per second. With the passage of time, we can expect 5g to be even 100 times faster than 4g (according to the research) just as some time after 4g was introduced, 4g LTE was introduced that was at least double faster than the original 4g.


It is the time it takes for data to reach its destination when it leaves your device. You might have heard of a term bandwidth – it is a different thing – bandwidth is how much data is transferred in a second.

So, how much latency does 5g offer? Well, with 5g, you can get latency of 1 milli-second. 4g was able to give you latency of around 50 milli-second. Wow, that is 50 times faster with 5G.

So how does it make a difference? It is very important to get good latency specially for when playing games online or when you are playing multi-player games with your friends over the internet. When playing games over the internet, latency greatly impacts on user experience. Latency causes the user command’s to be delayed so the time the command is issued by the user and executed by the server, the state of the game has changed. Apart from gaming, latency also effects other applications that are run online. So with 1ms of latency with 5g, there would be like zero delay in execution of commands after these are issued.

What Can You Do With 5g Speed

If you look at 4g vs 5g download speed, you will be surprised to know that with 5g, you can download an HD movie of 3.5 GB size in less than a minute or you can download a 15 GB of contents in amount 2 minutes. This is insanely fast and a lot faster than 4g! You can also play heavy games online and have a great experience.

Other Benefits of 5g Other than Speed

With 5g, we can expect connectivity to more devices simultaneously, more reliable network, and more network coverage. Other than this, if you are roaming around in a congested area or you are sitting in a sports or a concert venue, you will still get a reliable network. These all benefits make 5g awesome for both the home and office users.

How to Connect to 5g Network

You will not be able to connect to a 5g network automatically when your network provider offers 5g service. 5g will not work with the existing 4g devices, you will need to buy new ones. In the market, 5g phones are already selling. You can buy yourself one 5g phone on Amazon. If you need 5g devices such as 5g antenna, router, wifi extender and more, find everything online here.

5G Interesting Facts

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