Technology of 3D TV

The technology is moving at a very fast pace and changing its façade day by the day, getting revolutionized day by day in service of mankind. Hence when it comes to the entertainment aspects, the pace of technology is exponentially high due to the lust of mankind to be entertained, and therefore the advancement in digital displays has seen tremendous pace in the past decades in the quest of jumping to the higher step of possibilities and perfection. By all means the present day 3D TV is the result of the aforesaid phenomenon. The humans have been able to witness the revolution from the 2 dimensional displays to 3 dimensional. Also the research is underway which has partially been successful where 3D display can be enjoyed without glasses and wide variety of angles, though until now 3D TV technology without glasses are still a dream.

How 3D TV Works ?

The principle behind the 3D tv technology is based on a biological phenomenon pertaining to eyes known as the parallax. Human eyes are placed at a distance on the face and they receive different visuals and the inherent distance between the eyes is covered by the slight overlap though different images received by the two eyes due to difference in angle of reception of the two eyes. Hence the human brain then establishes the link between the images received by the two eyes, joins them into one single image.

This is a natural phenomenon, but normal tv was a two dimensional display and converting that two dimensional display into an artificial 3d display needed a trick to be played with the mother nature and that trick was to present a bit different image to each of both human eyes  and that is achieved by the use of 3d TV glasses, where the signals of the images are displayed in all directions and the 3d TV glasses thus play their part by presenting only the wanted signals to each eye, and eventually a 3d image is perceived in the brain. This kind of 3d TV technology is known as the passive 3d TV technology. This is how 3d TV works.

3d Images Without Glasses

On the other hand in order to achieve the 3d display without glasses, the glasses free 3d TV technology is being worked upon where control of the light will be directed from each pixel of display, in order to achieve different patterns of light to be received by each eye and ultimately the humans can see an active 3d TV.

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