Learn How to Make Body Wash

Making the Herbal Body Wash

In order to fulfill your beauty as well as health requirements, you definitely need a good quality body wash. However many that are in market have suitability issues and are likely to cause irritation, allergies, marks and adverse side effects. Here is an easy way to make your own body wash at home.

Basics but Essentials

Ingredients required for making your own personalized body wash at home are very commonly used and are readily available. To make your own body wash at home you need to know what smell you like and dislike and then choose ingredients accordingly. The next thing you need for your home made body wash are herbs of your own choice. You can go for any herbs since they usually do not have any side effects that may harm you. The most widely consumed herbs for body washes are lavender, catnip, chamomile and peppermint so its your choice here. These herbs have different characteristics like chamomile is known for relaxing you, rose petals are natural moisturizers etc.

After you have got the desired herbs you wish to infuse in your body wash for scent, you will have to have a liquid soap (which is easily available online and at any craft store), some distilled water and a cheesecloth.

The Process of Making Body Wash

Mix your chosen herbs into oil and water to get your favorite scents. Here it is to be mentioned that since you are not an expert at the subject you might face a slight difficulty while producing the desired fragrance. So for that you can try different combinations of herbs and then choose the best one.

On a light flame add some mix the chosen herbs into oil and stir it constantly so that you do not over cook or burn the herbs. Initially you can make less amount of solution for testing and practicing. However later you can increase quantities and produce ample body wash. Continue stirring for another 15-20 minutes on light fire.

One thing that you have to ensure for your body wash is that it Is smooth. If it is not smooth it will not give you feel of it and might lack something. So you might use cheesecloth for filtering it and extracting the smooth liquid from the mixture you have been stirring. However these layers of cheesecloth for filtration can only used when you cool down your mixture and do not start filtering it immediately after taking it off the fire.

Now after stirring and filtration you have to mix your liquid soap to the herbal mixture to give it base and body of a body wash. Now you have the part of the process in which you can personalize the body wash by adding scents, perfumes, oils and herbs of your own choice and suitability. As mentioned earlier there is no compulsion of using any specific herbs and you can as what you feel like. For coloring the mixture you can add any natural colorants made of annatto seeds or sunflower oil available at any craft store. Again adding color is your personal choice.

Lastly, you have to store it in a clean bottle at room temperature and avoid it from sunlight. Your own natural and personalized body wash shall last with you for about a year after which it expires.

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11 Top Benefits of Fish Oil

Benefits of Fish Oil for your Health, Mind and Body

There are several health benefits of fish oil; the 11 top benefits of fish oil are described below:

1. Reduces Pain in You Body

The omega 3 acids in fish oil regulate body's inflammation cycle and are very effective in lessening pains due to arthritis cystitis and prostatitis.

2. Great for Heart Health

Fish oil has been proven to do miracles for the heart. It does a lot good to your cardiovascular system. It also lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, LDLs and tryglicerides.

Regular use of fish oil helps preventing heart attacks. Mega 3 fatty acids break up clots, thus stopping them from breaking up and causing a block in an artery.

3. Prevents from Depression

Use of fish oil lightens you when you are in depression. Taking fish oil supplements when you start to feel stressed is good for you.

4. Improves Your Mood

As we read above, fish oil decreases depression; it also improves mood, particularly if you are prone to mood swings.

5. Increases Intelligence

Fish oil increases memory, helps you focus, and increases reasoning power. Fish oil also helps in better functioning of the brain. Researches tell that pregnant nursing mothers obtain a lot of benefit from fish oil, as they are reported to have said their intelligence has increased as well as happiness.

6. Lower Chances of Childhood Disorders

Studies have shown that children who are given fish oil supplements are less likely to develop childhood disorders. Moreover, those with dyspraxia, dyslexia and other disorders have had their diseases almost completely vanished when fish oil was used.

7. Reduces of Risk of Cancer

Fish oil reduced many types of cancer to develop. It prevents three major types of cancer namely colon, prostate and breast cancer.

8. Regulates cholesterol and Prevents High Blood Pressure

Experts say that fish oil benefits in regulating cholesterol very effectively. Moreover, fish oil also thins blood and lowers blood pressure.

9. Reduces Inflammation

If you have inflammation in your body, use of fish oil reduces inflammation of tissue and muscle.

10. Protects You from Type 2 Diabetes

Fish oil prevents you from diabetes. It won't cure Type Diabetes but it can surely prevent you from this disease.

11. Protects From Alzheimer's Disease

Fish oil helps is protecting you from the Alzheimer's disease. If someone is already suffering from this disease, fish oil eases the patients a bit.

The above were the top health benefits of fish oil. Using fish oil benefits a normal person as well as a patient suffering from different types of diseases. Therefore it can be concluded it is wise to use fish oil supplements in our daily diet. Fish oil capsules are easily available at any pharmacy or a general store. But before you start to use fish oil, make sure you read the usage or dosage instructions that come along, or read on the bottle.

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Harmful Effects of Sitting For Long Time

Physical activity and exercise are undoubtedly extremely necessary for the good health. We have been listening about the good effects of exertion since our existence, but have you ever given a thought to the opposite scenario? What are the harmful effects of sitting for too long and not doing enough physical exercise? Read on to find out.

Sitting for long periods of time has detrimental effects on physical health but they show up slowly, hence are seldom noticeable. The change in social habits is the root cause of people spending time indoors and hence sitting a lot. Due to security conditions and increased safety risks, people just want their kids to stay indoors, and fortunately children of today are more than happy to cherish the luxury of gaming tools such as Xbox, Play Station, Facebook and of course the constantly amazing and brilliantly connective internet! Such idle habits have produced the term 'couch potatoes' i.e. the person who spends much of his time while sitting on a couch!

Harmful Effects of Sitting Idle

One of the most significant results of sitting for too long is obesity. Obesity forms the basis of many other health problems as well which could in turn be lethal! Problems like increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, cardiovascular disease and cancer could legitimately arise due to the careless habit of sitting for long periods of time.

Sitting for longer duration has been linked with obesity. This is scientifically proven as decrease in physical activity causes the decline in the performance of an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase (LPL), the primary task of which is to burn the fats.

Sitting too much increases the cholesterol level which in turn thickens the walls of the arteries and hence increases blood pressure. These symptoms could lead to heart problems of significant importance that could turn out to be fatal in the long run. Sitting for too long also causes blood clots to be formed, which can also become cause of various health issues.

The activity of muscles that is triggered as a person starts exertion is directly linked with the breakdown of fats and sugar contents in the body. The faster this process is, the better it is in most cases.

Hence it could be concluded that although sitting for long periods of time seems perfectly okay, it could have harmful long term effects.

These were negative effects of sitting for very long period. You will also like to learn about the harmful effects of over sleeping.

Benefits of Walking That You Must Know

Our body demands frequent and rapid movements. These movements are required stay fit and healthy and active in our life. Regular movements such as exercising or walking ensures good health, and keeps you away from malfunctions and diseases. Furthermore immunity is boosted that helps fight germs and virus.  One very simple, easy and effective movement for the human body is walking and the health benefits of walking are countless. The more you walk , the more body is blessed with all the benefits of walking thus giving you best of health and a strong immune system to fight against diseases and illnesses. There are numerous benefits of walking including:

Benefits of Walking

Health benefits of walking related to the physical activity are numerous. The few of which whose result is more apparent include getting rid of joint pains, decreased stroke risks, lowered and controlled blood pressures, much better and relaxed night sleep, decreased stresses, enhanced memory and minimal depressions, and many more. These benefits are pertinent to the more physical aspect of the body functions, walking thus where is beneficial for the human health, the benefits of walking also encompass various health benefits associated with mental and emotional aspects of humans.

Slowing Down of Mental Regression

Benefits of walking envisage the blessing of slowing and minimizing down the mental regression, linked with human age. Research at the University of California, San Francisco has revealed that women who walk an average distance of three miles per day were observed with seventeen percent decline in memory while on the other hand the women who walked lesser than half mile even in a week experienced twenty five percent regressions in memory.

Reduced Alzheimer's Risk

Amazingly another interesting health benefit of walking is associated with miraculous prevention of Alzheimer disease. Extensive study done at University of Virginia health system has revealed that men between the age of 70 to 90 years and walked regularly per day were prone to very less chances of dementia and Alzheimer's disease in comparison to others who walked very less.

Better Sleep

Sleep improvement is another benefit of walking, a study has revealed that individuals between the age of 50 and 75 years who walk around one hour in the morning, are very less prone to Insomnia as compared to those who never did this exercise.

Effects on Mood

Various other health benefits of walking envisage the lightening of the mood, as it has been proven now that a walk of thirty minutes per day boosts the mood in patients with depression much faster than the antidepressants. The individuals who walk daily have more stable moods than people who are not into the regular walking habit.

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