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Harmful Effects of Long Shift Hours

People worldwide have to work at least eight hours per day, or even more at some companies, factories or businesses. They work for money and they think that they work for 8 hours and earn good money so they can also spend good life.

But they are wrong. People don't realize that they work minimum of 8 hours and spend approximately 1 hour to work and 1 hours to go back home, and 1 hour in the morning to get ready for the work, that sums up to  11 hours. That means in a full day, people spend minimum of 11 hours for work.  Assuming workers, or businessmen sleep at 11 pm, wake up in the morning for work about 8 am, and come back home at 6 pm, they spare themselves only 5 hours for themselves in a whole day.

Not only this, people who live alone, or bachelors, out of those 5 hours get only about 3 or 4 hours for them because they also have to do cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc.

Health Problems By Working 8 Hours

All health related problems are caused by long working hours. The office workers sit all day long on a chair, due to which they can get various health problems, including heart, blood, weight, muscular, etc etc. Because people have to work work 8 hours, they sit, sand or stay at the same place, doing the same few things every day, due to which they health is affected.

Waste Of Time At Work

No where in the work do people actually work 8 hours, nor they have 8 hours of work to do. But they still have to stay at the work place, even if they have no work, and waste the time by talking, net surfing or deliberately extending their work.

If the wasted time from the 8 hours from all around the world is calculated of people, it will come up to be millions of hours per week. If some proper work could be done in those hours by other people by providing the others opportunities, we will not only save hours but also let unemployed work.

World is Changing

In many countries, or in many organizations, the 8-hour shift system has been abolished. The managers report equal or sometimes higher productivity when resources work 6 hours a day. Some companies are letting people work 8 hours a day but for 4 days a week only; so they get three days off in a week. The results there too are reported to be very good.


Eight hours of work shift should be reduced to 4 hours or so everywhere in the world. Moreover, employees should be allowed to work from home so if they less work, they can spend time at home relaxing, with family and also work from there as well.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Please leave a comment below letting others know what you think about the 8 hours work shift pattern.

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