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11 Top Benefits of Fish Oil

Benefits of Fish Oil for your Health, Mind and Body

There are several health benefits of fish oil; the 11 top benefits of fish oil are described below:

1. Reduces Pain in You Body

The omega 3 acids in fish oil regulate body's inflammation cycle and are very effective in lessening pains due to arthritis cystitis and prostatitis.

2. Great for Heart Health

Fish oil has been proven to do miracles for the heart. It does a lot good to your cardiovascular system. It also lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, LDLs and tryglicerides.

Regular use of fish oil helps preventing heart attacks. Mega 3 fatty acids break up clots, thus stopping them from breaking up and causing a block in an artery.

3. Prevents from Depression

Use of fish oil lightens you when you are in depression. Taking fish oil supplements when you start to feel stressed is good for you.

4. Improves Your Mood

As we read above, fish oil decreases depression; it also improves mood, particularly if you are prone to mood swings.

5. Increases Intelligence

Fish oil increases memory, helps you focus, and increases reasoning power. Fish oil also helps in better functioning of the brain. Researches tell that pregnant nursing mothers obtain a lot of benefit from fish oil, as they are reported to have said their intelligence has increased as well as happiness.

6. Lower Chances of Childhood Disorders

Studies have shown that children who are given fish oil supplements are less likely to develop childhood disorders. Moreover, those with dyspraxia, dyslexia and other disorders have had their diseases almost completely vanished when fish oil was used.

7. Reduces of Risk of Cancer

Fish oil reduced many types of cancer to develop. It prevents three major types of cancer namely colon, prostate and breast cancer.

8. Regulates cholesterol and Prevents High Blood Pressure

Experts say that fish oil benefits in regulating cholesterol very effectively. Moreover, fish oil also thins blood and lowers blood pressure.

9. Reduces Inflammation

If you have inflammation in your body, use of fish oil reduces inflammation of tissue and muscle.

10. Protects You from Type 2 Diabetes

Fish oil prevents you from diabetes. It won't cure Type Diabetes but it can surely prevent you from this disease.

11. Protects From Alzheimer's Disease

Fish oil helps is protecting you from the Alzheimer's disease. If someone is already suffering from this disease, fish oil eases the patients a bit.

The above were the top health benefits of fish oil. Using fish oil benefits a normal person as well as a patient suffering from different types of diseases. Therefore it can be concluded it is wise to use fish oil supplements in our daily diet. Fish oil capsules are easily available at any pharmacy or a general store. But before you start to use fish oil, make sure you read the usage or dosage instructions that come along, or read on the bottle.

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