According to a research, from 2% to 10% children are addicted to video games. There are many negative effects of video game addiction; these are mentioned below.

Emotional Problems

Too much gaming can result in anger and depression. People who play alone also have to struggle with loneliness, and even embarrassment for isolating themselves from the family.

Other emotional problems linked with game addiction include feeling of restlessness with unable to play, preoccupation with thoughts of previous game session, lying to friends regarding amount of time you spent playing.

Financial Problems

This is not a problem for children but for adults who tend to spend a lot of money on purchase of games. The money that should be spent on the family is spent unnecessarily on games.

Furthermore, due to excessive gaming, his performance at job can also be reduced and tiredness or sleepiness due to excessive gaming may result in losing of interest at work, and may even result in getting fired by the employer.

Health Problems

There are various health problems associated with too much gaming. These include psychological issues, vision problems, muscular problems, obesity and many more. For list of common health problems experienced by gamers, read Negative Effects of Video Gaming on Health.

Social Problems

Video game addicts spend less time with friends and family and others. Due to less in-person contact with people, the gamer may experience social isolation, depression and loneliness.

Due to very little contact with people in-person, the gamer will not be fully comfortable going in parties, gathering with friends and family, as he has already isolated him/her self too much from social activities.

Family Problems

Excessive gaming can lead to conflicts with the family. One may become aggressive when someone wants you to limit your gaming time. Furthermore, not giving enough time to your family and sibling may also trigger the parents to react and start interfering with your gaming sessions or even stop you from playing at certain times. Such situations can put in gaps between you and the family, and you may also often have to involve in arguments and fights with the family.

These were the negative effects of playing video games when you get addicted to these. In the view of the above, it should be realized that video games should be played within limits. Time, family, friends, your health should not be compromised to something very harmful.

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