Great Graduation Gift Ideas – For Her and Him

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Graduation Gift Ideas

College is out and many students are officially done with their graduation. It certainly is a turning point in their lives and they deserve a token of appreciation and wishes for a good future. A gift is a must for every graduate around.

If your friend or a family member has just graduated and you are looking for great graduation ideas, following are some worthwhile gift choices for fresh graduates that you may want to consider.

Briefcases or Portfolio Bags

Since a fresh graduate would be looking forward to joining a new office, with his bulk of files and documents, he would definitely need a nice Briefcase or Portfolio Bag. It would be a great gift especially for lawyers, doctors and business graduates.


A tablet PC is a very fancy gift choice for anyone. If you are aiming the gift at a young girl or a style conscious person, then iPad would be the best gift. If your young graduate is not a fan of iOS, then you could buy him a cool Android Tablet like Nexus or Samsung Galaxy Note. A tablet comes in handy when one needs to check the email on the go or wants to have a good reading of a magazine or a book; young graduates need that quite a lot.

Travel Gifts

If your graduate has everything, then it’s a great idea to send him for a vacation. College requires ruthless hard work and it is a sure thing that the young graduate needs to take some time for relaxation and fun before he gets entangled in the tough routine of practical life. Buy him a plane ticket or hotel reservation and make him have a great time or check out some other travel gifts selling online with worldwide home delivery, here


Camera technology advances every day and everyone needs a good camera to capture great moments. Young graduates are about to start a new journey of their lives and would definitely have a lot of moments to capture. A camera is a great graduation gift as it is useful and fancy at the same time.

Jewelry / Watches

If you can afford a high priced gift, then have a look at the beautiful Diamond stud earrings at Amazon (for female of course) or a branded watch by Tag Heuer (male) or a diamond watch by Tag Heuer for female.   

Any Other Item From Amazon

Give her or him an Amazon eGift Card or simply check out from the huge variety the best graduation gifts for him or graduation gifts for her that you can buy now.

These were some graduation gift ideas for him and for her, hope these were helpful.

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