When talking about touch screens, what come in mind are two names Apple and Google. Up till now experts remain unable to decide the winner in them. As in some cases apple take big piece of pie while in some case Google is winner undoubtedly. In nutshell if we compare then Google  as has preference because of many free Google Apps. But I am again saying that this is not final and ultimate. The thing that matters a lot is nature of use, user ease, budget and a few other things.

Google vs Apple Products

Google services have diversity. No doubt identity of Google is more powerful, famous and well positioned. Google is also leader of web browsing.

Using Google devices is quite handy as these are purely user centered. Android operating system is also widely used these days. Google app market is volatile. But on the other hand the importance of Apple iPhone cannot be neglected. As a status symbol apple phone is preferred over android phone. Costliness of apple iPhone can also be taken as a point of preference among these two. Apple phones are not as such delicate rather these are sturdy in outlook and durable as well. But one of the major drawbacks of apple iPhone is that many apps are not free. In apple store there are a few free apps.

Another ground upon which apple and Google can be compared is television. Let’s have a look on Google TV versus Apple TV. Basically, the Google TV is a box that user can connect with his TV set. Therefore this is not a standalone TV rather acts more than a DVD player that you can connect to you television. The same is the case with Apple TV. When comparing two brands, there are many things to be considered about them. Let us start from TV remotes. Apple’s remote is slim, sleek and decent. But it is too small therefore is difficult to use as compared to Google TV remote. Below is given general experience of both of them:

  • Both devices required software updates immediately upon installation, which is as expected.
  • The currently selected menu item on the Apple TV is often difficult to identify. It has a blue halo that is easy to miss. Here Google TV is better


Thaw difference between both devices is negligible. Prices are also more or less same. All you need is a little R&D for purchase decision. Apple could be a better status symbol while Google TV is more users friendly. Existing users and vendors can also best guide you about selecting among them.

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