Forging Defects that Occur on a Forged Part

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The product made through forging has more strength and is made more precise, compared to products made by other manufacturing processes. Unfortunately even forged products can have some defects if proper care is not taken during the forging process. This article describes forging defects that normally occur on a forged part.

Improper Grain Flow:

This is caused by improper design of the die. The improper die design makes the flow of the metal in the wrong direction.

Cold Shut:

This appears as small cracks in the forged part’s corners. This happens mainly due to improper design of the die uses.

Scale Pits:

Scale Pits are irregular lining on the surface of the forged part. This is mainly caused due to improper cleaning of the stock used.

Die Shift:

This is primarily caused by the wrong alignment of the die halve, making the two halves of the part to be improperly shaped.


Flakes are internal ruptures, caused by the improper cooling of the forged part. Rapid cooling to the part caused the exterior to cool too fast, causing internal fractures.

Unfilled Section:

Some section of the die cavity is not complete filled by the flowing metal. This is caused by the improper design of the forging die, or wrong use of forging technique.

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