How does Google Adsense pay you? This is the question that many people who have some interest in online earning, ask. The explanation for this is very simple. Read on and learn how Adsense pays you.

How Does Adsense Pays You?

Companies pay Google to place ads for their products/services on Internet websites. Obviously, Google cannot put ads on a website that they don’t own. They can only place ads on websites that are registered with Google to display ads.

If you own a website and you have registered with Google to display ads then Google will automatically start to display ads on your website.

Now, since you have provided Google with a place to display ads, Google will share money from businesses, with you, for running their ads. 

Google doesn’t pay you your share as a lump sump amount, they pay you only for the ads on your website which your site visitor will click on. When a user clicks on an ad on your website, Google will charge the business whose ad was clicked on, and then share the payment from that business with you.

Payment Methods

Google sends you your earning by the method you choose. These methods include Western Union, Cheque, Wire – direct money transfer to your bank (this method is not available for Adsense publishers in every country)

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