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Who in the world doesn’t use Facebook. Everyone! Young to adult, everyone spends minimum 1 hour a day on Facebook. It is a great social networking website but if it included some other features such as mentioned below, its experience would have been even better:

Facebook Wish List

1. We should be able to send a gift item to all friends, it is limited to some friends at the moment.

2. To be able to check the friend requests we have sent, the ones which have been accepted and those which are rejected.

3. Some sound notification when a message arrives and you are on a window other than Facebook.

4. Facebook chat should have a better interface and, include some (not all) features of an IM client like Yahoo messenger or Live messenger.

5. To be able to customize our profile, like adding background color, special effects, music, etc.

6. Effective and more user friendly customer support. Facebook should have a proper customer service department.

7. Being able to disable a group which you are the administrator of.

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