Find below the top extreme facts about Facebook, which you will find astonishing.


There have been murders for which Facebook has been blamed for. One such instance was happened in 2015 when a woman murdered a couple just because they unfriended her on Facebook.

Not only this, Facebook has also been referenced in all kind of crime investigations including rape, murder, robbery. Furthermore, Facebook has also been involved in cases like divorces, family breakups, etc.

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Facebook Tracks Websites You Visit and Emails

Have you ever noticed on your Facebook profile or other Facebook pages that the ads that are displayed there are very relevant to the website that you have recently opened? It is because Facebook tracks your internet browsing and shows you ads that are related to the sites you visit.

Not only this, have you also ever noticed that the Friend Suggestions include names of people whom you recently sent email to or who sent you email? This happens because Facebook also reads email addresses in your email client, whether it is web mail or desktop i.e Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc

Blocking Facebook Owner – Mark Zuckerberg

You wouldn’t perhaps ever need to block the Facebook owner Mark, but you can’t even do it, if you try to do so.

Facebook in China

Facebook has been blocked in China since 2009. Extra information: Many famous websites including Gmail, Yahoo, Google Maps, BBC and more also blocked for use in China.

Chess Game in Facebook Messenger

In Messenger window of a friend, type “@FBCHESS PLAY” to play game of chess with your friend

Ocean of Photos

Every day, more than three hundred million photos are posted by people on Facebook. It is approximately 550 TB of data!

Non-Real Facebook Accounts

More than 9% of Facebook accounts are fake. This includes:

  •  45+ million duplicate accounts. People forget their username or password and create new accounts and it is very common among people to forget their  Facebook login credential.
  •  23+ million business accounts which are not really created by business owners.
  •  14+ million accounts created only to spread spam and malicious links.

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