Advantages of Using E-Readers

E-Readers happen to be one of the hottest choices in today’s market of technology and gadgets. They are definitely cool, stylish and comfortable to use. But do they efficiently and rightly replace books? Let us discover together.

1. E-readers are light weight and compact unlike books. They are definitely easy to carry around.

2. A single E-reader could carry thousands of books and weigh the same. Carrying eight books in a bag would make quite a luggage. Going on a holiday with kids, you won’t need to pack their books and your books; just pack the E-reader!

3. E-readers are modern, stylish and up-to-date. Many E-readers are perfect for fashion conscious individuals.

4. E-readers cost big bucks! They range anywhere between $150 to $500. But when it comes to books, even most bestsellers could be found under $10.

5. E-readers are a great utility when one is on vacation or travelling.

6. Many people have the habit of reading till late hours until they fall asleep. Books played a very good role in it. They were read until the eyes could bear no more. But this is not the case with gadgets. Tablets, E-readers and Smartphones emit white light which suppresses the release of a chemical that triggers sleep. Hence, after using an E-reader, many people find it hard to fall asleep. Books win in this regards.

7. Books have a significant impact on the environment. Trees are cut down for quality paper, manufacturing machinery is required, and fuel is burnt to transport them. All this sounds like a lot of burden on the environment. It has been found that each book releases about 9 pounds of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. While, e-readers also need manufacturing and transportation, but a single one of them has the power to replace thousands of books.

8. Some people claim that books help better in learning and it is hard to remember things while reading from a gadget. Research is being carried out in this regard.

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