Wind Power Facts & Advantages Of Wind Power

This article enlightens on the use of wind power as an alternate energy, advantages of wind power and future trends in this important technology.

What is Wind Power?

Wind power is a kind of solar energy because it is the tremendous temperatures of the sun that are responsible for its creation. Solar radiation heats all elements of the earth surface, though the amount of heat absorbed is different for all the structures. During the day, the earth is normally heated and cold during the night. The earth is heated because of the liberation of heat by different sources such as stones, sand, gravel, and bricks. According to the physical laws, the hot air travels upwards thereby decreasing the atmospheric pressure near the earth's exterior, and cool air is pulled towards the earth's surface. This relocation of air is called wind.

Kinetic Energy Of Wind

During the earlier days, wind power was effectively used for the operation of windmills and grinding of grains. The wind is created because of the movement of air, and the wind created by this process possesses substantial kinetic energy that can be effectively utilized to augment the other forms of energy. Wind power is considered to be a better technique for the electricity generation than other types. Wind power has been developed by using modern techniques, and is now being efficiently utilized for the wind turbines that generate clean energy for use by the industries and communities.

Wind Power As A Renewable Energy

Wind power has the natural advantage of being clean and simple that does not contaminates the water, air or the environment, whereas other the types of energy are not tidy and are responsible for the creation of huge scale of waste materials. Since the availability of wind is unlimited, the source of wind power is reliable unlike other forms of energies whose sources of origin are likely to be diminished.

Future Trends of Wind Power

Due to the fast depletion of oil and coal reserves, studies are being conducted globally to increase the utilization of alternate energies including wind power. Furthermore, since the environmental concerns have become serious in the society due to the increased awareness in this field, the use of wind power is gaining importance being clean and cheaper compared to the other types of energy.

These were the great advantages of wind power.

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